The Tamworth Two


A couple of weeks ago we visited The Rare Breeds Centre in Kent. It was here that I learnt the tale of the Tamworth Two. It’s pretty cool.

The Tamworth Two

One day, in January 1998, a load of pigs were sent, by lorry, to an abattoir in Wiltshire. As they were being unloaded, two Tamworth pigs escaped.

The brother and sister squeezed through a fence and swum across the river Avon. No one could catch them. The story went to local press and soon reached the ears of major newspapers such as the Daily Mail.

The escapee pigs caused a huge media sensation and they became like celebrities. People all over Britain and even abroad wanted to hear about Butch and Sundance , as they had been nicknamed.

The pigs were on the run for more than a week before they were eventually captured. The owner of the pigs still wanted to slaughter them, but by now they were too famous. The Daily Mail bought the pair off of him for excruciating sum of money. They were sent to live at The Rare Breeds Centre in Kent were they were happy as could be. Sadly Butch died in October 2010 and Sundance wasn’t slow to follow.

But, hey ho, their legacy lives on. And people still talk about their magnificent escapade today.


“No, it wasn’t us. We didn’t do anything.”

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