Places to go, things to see…….

This post is all about the places I’d like to visit in my lifetime. So here it goes:



Absolutely amazing

Everything about Italy appeals to me, the food, the scenery, everything. But most of all I love the idea of the people. They are so family orientated, so friendly.


A family eating together

I am teaching myself Italian so that I can go there when I’m a little older. I specifically want to visit San Patrignano, a drugs rehab centre in the Rimini Province.

It treats all of its guests like family and gives them all a purpose in life as San Pa is a working community. It has a bakery, dairy, carpentry workshop, kitchen and much more. If you are interested in San Patrignano and want to find out more than you can read my previous blog all about them at



Secondly, America, as this is where my pen pal, Acacia, lives. Our Mums are friends and we have always emailed or written to each other.



Also, America has some pretty awesome wilderness that I would love to explore.






The history of this country always fascinated and excited me, both the ancient and mythological.


This would be incredible to see.

The weather and the food also look beautiful.


greece beach

Hey, where would you guys like to go? Where would your ideal location be?

2 thoughts on “Places to go, things to see…….

  1. Your choice of places to visit is very interesting.Italy looks as you say amazing.a place I have always wanted to see are the fjords . I am sure when you get older you will realise your dreams. You are determined enough to do it. Well done Gracie.xx


  2. Sounds fab Gracie. We’re off to Scotland later in the year, which is somewhere I’ve long wanted to go. We also want to go back to Italy, hopefully next year, as we loved the little taste we had several years back. I love France and would like to visit a lot more European countries. As Nanny says if you want to do something enough there is no reason you can’t do it xxx


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