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I was writing a song recently, which was quite a new experience for me.

Anyhow, my song wasn’t really about anything, I was just rambling on about poetry and music when this line popped into my head.

I thought about it for a while and found it very interesting. I decided to put it in my song, in fact it’s the first line…….

What comes first?
The tune or the words?
There was me,
In my skinny jeans,
Begging you to teach me,
Teach me how to fly!

Fly, fly, fly, teach me how to fly!
Why, why, why, can’t my songs be like the music?

I was sitting there,
Mama always told me not to stare,
But couldn’t help it.
I was strumming my guitar,
Never knew I’d get this far.

‘Till you taught me,
taught me how to fly, fly, fly.
Taught me how to fly through the sky.

So I’d like to tell you,
How you saved my life,
Giving me the lyrics,
Teaching me to fly.

So, what does come first? The tune or the words? I think it depends if you are more wordy or musical. For me it’s definitely words, how about you? Please let me know in the comments.


Some of my favourite lyrics.

4 thoughts on “Lyrics

  1. That’s really good Gracie. The words are very heartfelt you have given your song a lot of feeling. The music works very well. I have never attempted something like that but I think I would put words to the music . Once you have the music then add the lyrics as you can change them till you feel it works. Well done keep them coming xx


  2. Words are my thing, so it would be words first. I can play some musical instruments but am not good at writing music. Lovely words as always Gracie, keep writing xxx


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