Deja Vu: How About You?


What do you think about deja vu? For those who don’t know what deja vu is and/or are interested in the dictionary definition ( like me, although I’m pretty interested in the dictionary definition of everything. Yeah, I have read the whole dictionary! Yes, really! Anyone else who’s done that? Thought not ). Anyhow here it goes: The illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.Β  It’s french for ‘already seen’.

But, the big question is, is deja vu an illusion? Hang on, am I questioning theΒ  dictionary? Yup, I am.

Personally I love Deja Vu, it makes me think. In fact, it usually sends volleys of thoughts flying round my brain, that I can’t seemed to harness or control and that I end up thinking about for hours. It’s also brilliant inspiration for stories, the mystery, the romance of it all. I’m a Deja Vu enthusiast.

But I know that’s not the case for some people. Whilst researching this marvellous thing ( Thing? Not quite sure what to file it as )Β  I read about people that live their lives in a constant maze of Deja Vu. Like they’re wandering round a labyrinth of some sort. Having Deja Vu of having Deja Vu and so on.

I want to know your views on this and your experiences.





14 thoughts on “Deja Vu: How About You?

  1. Very interesting subject! Actually you’re not the only person who reads dictionaries, I used to that too!!! πŸ˜‰

    I totally believe in/get deja vu. In often experience it and as you say it certainly makes you think about stuff and keeps you open to the universe. Stay curious xxx


    • Hey Lily

      Thanks for your comment. I was just wondering how I can access your blog? I’ve tried several times, but it says you’ve either deleted it or made it private. I just wanted to know what was happening.


      • Just by putting the link in, clicking on the link on your comments. It just doesn’t seem to work. Have you got any ideas? I was quite upset when it didn’t as I do love reading all your posts. Thanks,


      • Oh, I think I know how to fix that! And thank you! Are you putting the correct link in? Just checking, I changed blog addresses recently! It’s


      • Hi Lily
        Have you deleted your blog? I put in
        Is that still your address? It just tells me you’ve deleted it 😦
        Gracie πŸ™‚


  2. My goodness Gracie you never cease to amaze me. Reading the dictionary is quite an achievement. Deja vu is an interesting subject. In the past. I can remember thinking about a place in my head and then being there .what about you? Keep up the good work xx


  3. I have Deja vu moments all the time! It always feels wierd, like I’m on the outside, veiwing my life. Or it feels like I’m remembering a dream I had, and whatever Deja Vu moment is happening was a part of the dream. I’ve tried to explain this to some of my friends, but nobody seems to grasp the idea.
    So its cool that you did a whole post on the subject!


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