A Rambling Journey Through My Thoughts


When the world feels like a huge place and your head is full of questions whose answers all lead to another question, don’t be distressed.

It’s true, the world is a big place and it’s filled with billions of different people who all have different beliefs and ideas. Diverse and confusing as it is, most things have some meaning if you look close enough. Sometimes you have to be prepared to dive deeper.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, about questions and why are we doing this and why are we doing that. My head is always full of thoughts (and daydreams!) which, to be honest, do distract me from the present sometimes.


But me and my family are in a situation at the moment, where we have left our home and set off into the pit of possibilities. Now, more than ever, questions fill my head. Sometimes I worry and stress over the future and I want to know answers and it annoys me that I don’t.

This is an example of the train of thoughts that crowd my head quite often: Why have we left our home and all our friends? For an education, to prepare us for life. How does this prepare us? It gives us experiences and opportunities to learn, it shows us new things and opens our eyes to the world. Why is this necessary? It will make us well equipped and more self-reliant adults. Why do we need to be well equipped adults? Because we will be able to challenge the world and help it be a better place. What is the point of making it a better place? More people will be happy and healthy and safe. See where this is going?

It feels like I’m in a maze.


But what’s in the centre? Another question?




2 thoughts on “A Rambling Journey Through My Thoughts

  1. Gracie I guess that’s how we all learn along the way by asking questions. Then when we get an answer we ask another question and so on.You will go through life asking although you may not agree with some of the answers then you will have learnt to use some of the thoughts in your own mind. Xx


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