Verity is a statue that stands proudly on the seafront at Ilfracombe, North Devon. We visited and saw it. It was created as a piece of modern art by Damien Hirst. It represents the word verity which means: a true principle or belief.

She stands on a pile of strewn law books, she holds the symbols of truth and justice – a sword and scales. She is pregnant which shows how she may not be a likely person to fight for what’s right, but she needs it the most for her baby and it’s future. Here is my poem that I wrote about her…


Here I stand,
my sword in hand.
This fight is no computer game,
justice is my middle name.

Perhaps I am not who you would think or expect,
the face the fear with the risk of death.
And although the battle is raging and wild,
I would die for my unborn child.

The future of the world,
you see,
rests in the hands of you and me.
And what unites us?



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