My First Published Article


The aspiring author.

Remember Viva magazine? The one my friend Alice and I were interviewed by? Well *clears throat*, after reading this blog, they decided to ask me to write them an article! The article is about how me and my family are on a journey, at the moment in Mo (our Morris Traveller campervan). It’s also about our learning and our home education, my hopes and dreams and more.

You can read it online here, at!viva-lewes/c58g

It’s page 79. If you can’t get to it, tell me in the comments and I can always copy it over onto here!


2 thoughts on “My First Published Article

  1. Well done you. I can see this becoming a regular item in the magazine as people will want to hear about your adventures. It is a lovely introduction to your adventures leaving you wanting more. Keep up the good work xxx


  2. Have read your article very impressive.what a great opportunity to write for the magazine. Who knows what it might lead to. Maybe you will be asked to do a follow up of your family adventure which would be great. Very well done. Xxx


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