Action: Part 2

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Action: Part 2 

“Hello?” I knocked on the wall beside the entrance to the room, which was covered by a silk curtain. “Come in” came a soft male voice. I drew aside the curtain and went in. The older boy was sitting by the bed, his arm was in a sling and his head was done up in a bandage. The young boy laid in the bed, his eyes closed in restless sleep. The blonde haired girl was stroking his head and murmuring to him. The other girl stood over them all, arms crossed, a worried frown on her face.

” I’m Sita” I said, ” I’m the king’s daughter.” The man rose and kissed my hand. “Oh no!” I exclaimed ” That’s not necessary for me. Just treat me like you would a friend.” He smiled, showing perfect white teeth. ” Thank you.” he said. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen.

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“My Father told me about you.” I said, sitting down on the floor. ” He told me how brave you’re being. How you’re fighting the rebels to ensure peace and security in our land.” ” We fight for the rights everyone has.” said the boy quietly. ” We are The Action when people are submittance.”

“Can you tell me about it?” I asked ” About yourselves and your story?” The man glanced across at the blonde girl and she nodded and smiled shyly at me.

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“I’m Voice” the boy began “And this is Liberty. Over there is Amnesty and here, lying sick and injured, is Equal. Together we are Action. A year ago when I was fifteen, Liberty here was thirteen, Amnesty was fourteen and Equal was eleven, we decided that young people can make a difference. We all lived happily, under your Father, our noble, fair and just King’s, rule. But the Rebels soon came. My Father is dead because of them and both of Amnesty’s parents are. Equal’s parents were abducted, no one knows if they are alive. Liberty’s Mum is a prisoner.

We started standing up. We started telling people the truth about these power hungry killers. We encouraged people to be strong. But each and every second of our lives we pay the price. We are always in danger. Never are we safe. We cannot enjoy our childhood. For me it is already gone, but Equal is just a kid. Conflict has torn our world apart.”

A tear ran down my cheek. ” And I didn’t know! ” I cried bitterly. ” No one told me. ” Suddenly I dried my tears fiercely. ” When do you go back?” I asked ” I’m coming with you.”

“But Sita!” Voice took my hand. ” How can you leave this?” he gestured to the splendour of the room around us. ” Your life. Your Father!” ” I don’t belong here. I never did. I won’t miss it one bit. Oh, and call me Empathy.” Voice shook his head in wonder. ” Empathy, welcome to Action.”


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