Summer and Autumn

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I wrote this short story to celebrate the coming of Autumn! Enjoy! (Autumn is my favourite season! Then it goes summer, then spring, then winter. Though I do love them all.)

Long, river-blue curtains hung from their hooks like weeping willow branches, a shaft of soft, marigold sunlight formed a stream that swam across the room. Following the stream to the furthest corner of that shadowy place, you would see a young girl. Her hair is blonde and falls like a cascade down her back. She wears a light green dress that looks like it flows around her body.

She sat with her legs drawn up to her chin, her head tipped to the side, her deep, feeling purple eyes shining as she gazes at the sunlight stream, her imagination taking her away from the darkness of her humble home, to the place of her dreams.

Then she’s in that sunlight stream, swimming down it, bathing in it.

Suddenly she’s underwater and she’s gasping for air, bright colours dance around her, she’s tossed in a swirling rainbow and then dunked in the golden waters. Her head rises and her eyes glow in the radiant light that’s everywhere, covering everything. She floats down the river, her beautiful hair merging with it. Silvery fish leap and play. She is gently washed to the shore, onto pale yellow sand, stepping out of the water, her clothes are immediately dried.

Wherever she steps, flowers are growing and birds with magnificent plumage fly to and fro, gracing the sunrise and sunset skies with their presence. Coconut scents fill the air, fresh and wonderful. The sky is sugary pink of candyfloss, baby blue of the ocean abroad, crimson red of pirate’s blood and orange of a butterfly’s delicate, painted wing.

Another girl walks towards her, she smiles shyly and holds out her hand. The girl looks around her and then, hesitantly, takes hold of her hand. They look at each other, their soft, round eyes meeting and then they’re off. Flying across the land, feet barely touching the warm ground, hands brushing against tall, rocking meadow grasses. Then above the sea, arms outstretched, skirts flapping in the cool air. 

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They grin at each other and keep on soaring, soaring through the cloudless sky. Suddenly clouds begin to race in, filling up the blue with their greyness. The air becomes chilly and a brisk wind picks up. The two children look at each other and, as they do, their light blonde hair, begins to darken. And it keeps darkening until it’s as black as night.

The green trees below them begin to turn yellow, red and orange. Then they fall, fluttering around and swirling in the breeze. The girls clutch each other tightly and, as they do so, their thin summer dresses turn to thick wollen coats and hats and their bare feet are suddenly fitted with wellies.  

Autumn has arrived. 









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