Action: Part 4


Here is Part 4!!!

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We rode in silence, the horses trotting quietly over the sand, hooves dancing, tails swishing irritatedly. ” We’ll be good friends. ” Liberty spoke suddenly. ” You and I Empathy. Many of my old friends have disowned me, you know. Some are ashamed of me for what I do, others are simply frightened of being associated with me. There is a girl though, her name is Jaan, she is my oldest friend. She would never leave me. She goes against her family to help me, I have often asked her to join Action, but she won’t. She doesn’t want to leave the village. She’s courageous, but she’s a very homely girl.”

“How do you know her?” I asked. “We went to school together.” she replied “Back before the rebels came and it was too dangerous. I wanted to go and would have, but even the teachers deserted it. I cried that day that the teacher’s stopped going. There was no hope now, even teachers, good, strong, pillars of the community submitted themselves.” She spoke with passion and anger.

“Nothing is more important to me than education. It is, as the others say, my specialist area. Anything to do with learning and human rights, I’m on it.” she said. I beamed at her. “So you want to be a teacher?” I asked eagerly. She nodded. “Me too.” I laughed. I think we both thought it at the same time ’cause we looked at each other and our faces lit  up with optimism. We knew at that moment that we could, together, get that school up and running again.

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I let out a whoop of joy and Liberty clasped her hands in excitement. I dug my ankles into the side of my horse and went galloping across the desert, Liberty followed. For a moment we forgot all of our worries and went streaking round the desert, shrieking like  wild things in our ecstasy.

Gradually we came to a halt and stayed there, breathless with the thrill of the idea. “We really can do it.” said Liberty, as she couldn’t quite believe it. “We really can.” “Yes,” I cried “We can, but first we must make Equal well again, come, let’s find these herbs.”


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