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Action: Part 9

Voice sat Equal down and Amnesty rushed to get him a warm bowl of food. Before she gave it to him, I sprinkled it with the ground herbs to make him stronger for the journey back to the village. He ate it hungrily and we all looked at each other in delight.

“He walked from just outside here all the way to that house with the tiger on the door, you know the one?” Liberty asked. I nodded. It was about a quarter of a mile. I grinned inwardly, I was overjoyed to have helped Equal. He seemed to read my mind. “Thank you, Empathy.” he said “You helped save my life. You will have to be a nurse to some of the people injured in this horrible battle we are fighting. They could do with some medical care, a lot of them. Some people are so sick, but the doctors cannot get to them, it is too dangerous. We have tried to help, but none of us are any good at all.” “I will try.” I promised and I meant it.

That evening I sat up late, crushing different herbs into powders and putting them in little cloth bags. The strong, scented, bitter smells filled the room. Everyone fell asleep fairly quickly, even I nodded off with my hand full of herbs.

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