The Challenge Of Being Yourself

Hey, this is a guest post by Fizzy, author of

I asked her to write this because, when I found her blog, the first thing I read was her ‘About’ page. I was so inspired by her attitude towards being different, individual and unique. Enjoy…..(and be sure to check her blog out!)

The Challenge of Being Yourself

Hi Guys, this is Fizzy from Quirky Girl Studio. Today I will be writing about being yourself and how sometimes being different feels good and other times it makes you feel like you are lost.

Being yourself sometimes means not fitting in with other people but it’s so important not to change just to make other people happy. Sometimes people who are always trying to fit in are jealous of the people who are just themselves or simply don’t understand. I am a very different person and I am not like most other twelve-year olds. In fact everyone is different in their own way. Everyone likes different things, everyone enjoys different things, everyone has different priorities and a different view on the world.

I started high school this year and I have now finished my first year which was grade seven. Starting high school was not what I expected it would be. I didn’t make many friends and to be honest I was even disliked by some people. I’ve always had a lot of good friends and so I didn’t understand why. It felt pretty sad and I asked myself why people didn’t like me. I think it all comes down to being ‘cool’ and a lot of this is provoked by peer pressure.

Many people listen to that pressure and change to fit in. Through all the sadness and sometimes loneliness of never being liked or fitting in, I decided not to change. I decided not to care about what some twelve-year-old kids thought of me and instead I thought about what the world would think of me.

When I stopped to think, I realised that the people who really mattered thought I was more than ok. It’s important to remember that there is a big world outside of just the kids your own age at the school you go to. I made connections with friends from my sports activities and even online through blogging. Throughout the year people started to get to know me for who I was, and they realised I was someone who would stand up for both myself, and others.

Being ‘cool’ often means changing to be different to who you really are. People who change may find it hard to ever be themselves again. Under all the confidence of the ‘cool’ kids, many of them probably hate the stuff that they are saying and doing and just want to be themselves. I really like Emma Watson’s quote that says “Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.” Just because someone seems cool, it doesn’t mean they are any happier than you.

Here are some tips to avoid peer pressure…

  • You can join clubs and groups you are interested in and you may meet people there with the same interests as you.
  • Always stand up for what is right and what is important to you even if it means you won’t be friends with everyone.
  • Try to act like you don’t care about what people think of you, even if on the inside you do.


I hope this helps some of you out there who are finding peer pressure hard to cope with. Just remember that you are you and you can’t be anyone different. Stay strong, believe in what you believe in, and be yourself.


11 thoughts on “The Challenge Of Being Yourself

  1. That’s a well written blog by Fizzy.she is absolutely write. Be yourself whatever other people think. Don’t change just to please others.people will resect you for being your own person and if they don’t they are the loser.tell her well done xx


  2. This is a really good, true post. Thanks for getting Fizzy to do it, Gracie. I often felt pressured when I was at school and never really made many friends, but I really agree with Fizzy, you just have to be yourself.
    Nos vemos…
    The Island of Me


  3. Great blog Fizzy. She’s spot on Gracie. It’s not always easy being yourself when you come under pressure from others, but it’s definitely worth standing your ground, otherwise you end up being unhappy because you’re trying to be someone/something your not. Thanks for sharing xxx


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