Out Of The Dust by Gracie Chick

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I wrote this story poem about the United Arab Emirates or the UAE. It is a progressing country and what caught my attention recently, is that they have introduced a new reading law! Imagine making reading the law! It means that everyone has to read every day.

Libraries are opening everywhere, cafes and coffee shops are handing out reading materials, businesses are giving their employees reading breaks and when a new baby is born they are provided with a bag full of books from the government. They want their country to move on, to understand the importance of reading and education.

I hope this makes you smile, buzz with joy, find out more or just simply feel good. Thank you for reading……..

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Out Of The Dust by Gracie Chick

Full of sun and stone and sand, where nomads roam the deserts and kings rule the land. Where time has gone so slowly and history has been mysterious and strange, in this ancient place of tradition, come hither the rains of change. 

Dark hair tied into jiggling plaits, two soft brown eyes never looking back, a grey pinafore over an immaculate white skirt. Dancing, skipping feet dressed with shiny black shoes, not a speck of dirt. A bag slung over her shoulder, she’s on her way home, gazing up at the mosque’s great dome. 

And on her bag is one word, two syllables that need to be heard. Her name.  “Amaal! Amaal!” The girl’s mother cries, welcoming back her precious prize. Amaal means hopes, Amaal means dreams. The girl is all smiles and sunbeams. 

The UAE is her country, it’s moving forward in literacy. Out of the dust, something amazing arises, knowledge and wisdom are on the horizon. Amaal does not know it, but her name is the motto of her country, or I’m not a poet. 


10 thoughts on “Out Of The Dust by Gracie Chick

  1. This is a really good story poem. I love the amount of detail in it.
    Making reading the law! I guess that is a actually quite a good idea though, it gets people reading and that’s good.
    Nos vemos…
    The Island of Me


  2. What a great law giving everyone the chance to read and learn so much. Your story poem is really good and the detail you have put in makes really good reading. Well done xx


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