Campaign Goals

Only yesterday I published a post about an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while: creating a campaign that all bloggers can contribute to. It’s called Tackling Racism With Haikus and you can read about it here

Already I’ve had some great responses. Emily from has written an amazing post about my campaign and added her own poem. Grace from has left me some really encouraging comments and authored an awesome haiku herself. Anyone who is reading this now is also welcome to write a post on their blog or reblog this one.

I thought I’d tell you guys some of the goals and hopes I have for this campaign.

  1. To make a change.
  2. To show that young people have it in them to make a difference, work together and achieve something incredible.
  3. For as many bloggers as possible to get involved!
  4. For people who aren’t bloggers to share this with their friends, family, everyone!

So come on, join in! Together, we can do something about racism!

One thought on “Campaign Goals

  1. Gracie it’s a great thing you are doing getting people together to help to tackle racism. Every country in the world has their problems with racism so to all unite maybe can help to find a way of helping make this world a better place . Well done xx

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