A Changing World

I wrote this essay after watching a documentary about a tribe called the Adis living in Northern India. Being home-schooled means you can learn from life, everything and anything around you. I took the opportunity to learn about tradition and change. Hope you find this interesting…..

A Changing World by Gracie Chick

The first thing you notice as the camera follows TV presenter, explorer and ex-marine Bruce Parry into the Adi village is that everyone seems to have their place. 

The scene is somewhat unusual to the majority of western eyes. Animals and people alike working, playing and living together in seemingly perfect harmony. They think nothing of it, whereas we see it as a rare example of communal living and an ideal that some of us may dream of. For them it is just the lifestyle they have always known. 

But things amongst the Adis are changing, visible cracks are beginning to form. The arrival of Christianity has split the village in two. The traditional belief in spirits and nature is now rivaled by this popular new religion. Roads have been established and electricity will bring the first appearance of television in the village. One would think that they would object to these advances, for their culture stills goes strong, but no. It seems that the Adis have encouraged the proceedings.

The Adis appear confident that these new things will exist peacefully alongside their ancient traditions.  They show no sign of stopping all the rituals and ceremonies that form an Adi’s day-to-day life.

The interesting thing will be to see how this modern way of life that is creeping into Adi villages will coexist with conventional Adi society. The big question is: Will the younger generations continue the simple lifestyle or will they opt for a new one?

My hope is that the Adis continue to pursue their culture for I believe it comes with many valuable and wonderful qualities such as hospitality, equality, understanding, being at one with nature.  If we suddenly thrust our self-centered ways upon them it may just wipe out something very precious. 

I am willing the Adis to make the decision not to be influenced by the many downsides to our world. We are supposed to help our neighbours when they are in need, be kind and generous to strangers, take only what we require and waste nothing, work hard, learn from nature’s example, respect our elders. But do we? The Adis do. It’s like they live in a constant circle of life which, hopefully, will never stop. 

Related image

In the Adi Village, everyone has their place. Here the children watch a woman as she weaves, learning the skills they will one day need to survive.

I wish that the people all over the world would be more eager to learn from the Adis, we should be adopting their culture rather than them adopting ours.  I think we could benefit and grow as humans if we started to live a bit more like the Adis. 

12 thoughts on “A Changing World

  1. Gosh, once again I have learnt something new. I had not heard of the Adis before. Thank you for sharing this story Gracie. I spend so much time looking at the natural health world I don’t always have time to see other things, so it’s lovely when other people share the things that they see xxx


  2. I think that we should be able to learn something from the Adis. I think that you do have to hope that they aren’t influenced by the rest of the world, they should just go on living as they are.


  3. Gracie very good writing about the Adis. We could certainly learn from them. But I don’t know about the other way round. Yes maybe some of our ways would be good for them.I just hope it doesn’t go too far and change the way they live now. Well done xx


  4. Absolutely….I live amoung the present day Mayans and the more of them influenced by the outside society….the more it just demolished their culture. What I have learned is that I have learned more from the Mayan people about spirituality, love and respect than I ever did in the US and that they in fact have taught me more than I could ever teach them and I have a Phd in Psychology.

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