The Right To Be A Kid

Young people can be inspirational, empowered, passionate and aware of the world. They can make big differences, but in the end, kids are kids. They are entitled to a happy, safe and enriching childhood. An environment to play and learn and be themselves. But not all kids have this opportunity and it’s not just children that are poor or unprivileged that face this problem, even the richest and most famous of children can be forced to live in this situation.

This story is based on a true event involving Barron Trump and Chelsea Clinton. I found it incredible and it restored some of my faith in humanity.

The Right To Be A Kid by Gracie Chick (me) 

Snap! Snap! The cameras swarm like flies around the boy with the slightly bewildered expression. He is wearing an expensive blue suit and every now and then someone shoves into him, pressing a microphone into his face. His Mother is tall and glamorous beside him. She poses and then takes him by the hand and leads him up the steps, past the huge columns and  through the doorway that’s protected by tough security guards. 

His head is pounding and looks over his shoulder to see the guards closing the door on all the jostling reporters. 

He wanders around the hundreds of rooms that make up the mansion he has to call home. He feels lost. The boy gazes out of a window, watching the kids playing in the street and wishing he could do the same. But every time he steps outside he’s plagued by a cavalcade of paparazzi that descend upon him. Then there’s the fact that he moves school so often and he has no friends. No one. There’s so much pressure on his young shoulders. 

He knows what people think. As much as his parents may try to hide it from him. He knows people judge him on who is father is. He wishes they wouldn’t, he’s just like any other kid. 

The boy logs onto his fancy laptop. His Dad is the hottest topic, every news page has something to say, mostly negative. Social media is brimming with hateful comments, some regarding himself.  He scrolls through them,  each word a stab at his wounded heart.

But then he sees something different, nestled amongst the mocking messages is a glinting nugget of hope. The tweet reads:

‘Barron Trump deserves the chance to be a kid.’ The author is Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of his Father’s old rival to the presidency.

His heart is lifted as he reads through some more. 

‘Whether you support Trump or you don’t, you can’t attack Barron Trump just because of whose son he is.’ 

‘He didn’t run for office, did he? He is ten years old.’

The End.

And in the raging social media battle that ensued, Democrats and Republicans alike, set aside their differences to defend the rights of a child. I am glad that they made the decision to stand up for Barron Trump together and to fight against prejudice.

It just goes to show that there is always one thing that can join us together. Maybe if we find that one thing then the people of the world that are fighting can stop, the people who are taking can give, the people who are lying can tell the truth, the people who are sad can be joyful and the people who are crying can laugh.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know what you think, your feedback always means a lot, especially on my more thought-provoking posts.




14 thoughts on “The Right To Be A Kid

  1. YES. I AGREE. Even though non-Obama supporters lashed out at the rest of the Obama family, PLEASE. GROW UP. I’m not saying you have no right to say that (because #freedomofspeech), but try to be kind and considerate, instead of plain old rude??? I myself am NOT a Trump supporter, but I do think that there is a point where you cross “protesting” into “rude”.

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  2. Lovely post, Gracie. I completely agree. The tendency to target the children of the president/candidates really reveals the immaturity of these people. How can they not put themselves in these children’s shoes? The children don’t have control over the situation, they themselves may not even want it, but they know this is important for their family and for their country. They don’t deserve any harsh comments just because of who their parents are. If we can start to realize these tiny details, if we can step back and see the situation for what it truly is, I believe a lot of the hate, the negativity, and the backlash would be dissolved.
    Thank you for this story and post, Gracie!

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  3. Such a thought provoking post Gracie. You’re right we should all be able to find common place and work from there together. So often though it’s the children that are affected and then of course, they take those bad experiences forward and act against those injustices. I hope Barron sees your post and appreciates everyone’s support. As you say he should be allowed to be a kid in the same way that the Obama children were allowed to be.

    Keep. Posting, making us think and inspiring people xxx


  4. A brilliant piece of writing .Children should be able to be children whoever their parents are. Barron must be so sad when he sees other children playing out and having the freedom to do so. This will stay with him always. It’s just not a natural way of living. You must be so happy that you have had a proper children’s upbringing wouldn’t it be amazing if you could share your experiences with children not as fortunate. The world would be a more happier and loving place. Well done Gracie.xx


  5. Hi Gracie! I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I love it. I’ve been reading each thing in your archives and it is awesome! I’m 12 years old and find your blog really beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the awesome work! ❤

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