My Campaign: Tackling Racism With Haikus

Hi Everyone! So here is the link to a new page I just created! A while ago I started a campaign called Tackling Racism With Haikus, based on fighting racism using poetry. Some of my loyal followers got involved and it was great, but I didn’t want it to just disappear into my archives as time went on. I want it to really make a difference so the more people who join in the better. Β  I’d love you to head over to it and leave me a comment saying that you’d like to be a part of Tackling Racism With Haikus!

My Campaign: Tackling Racism With Haikus

Thanks so much!


17 thoughts on “My Campaign: Tackling Racism With Haikus

    • Thanks! I love writing and the whole purpose of my blog is make a difference. I wanted to create something that would allow bloggers to join together and use their voices to help others.


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