Into The Sunset: My Purpose In Life And My Dreams For The Future…

Hi Everyone! There’s something I’ve got to tell you all. In a few weeks, me and my family are setting off into the sunset in our unusual, slightly cramped, but quirky and beautiful Morris Traveller. Some of my readers may be classic vehicle enthusiasts, but for those who aren’t (including me!), a Morris Traveller is a 50-year-old British car.

My Dad converted it into a camper van, affectionately known as Mo,  that will house me and the rest of my crazy family for the next stage of our life. We’re journeyers, literally and figuratively. We’re searching for the way forward, a way to contribute to making a better world, a way to come even closer together, a way to learn and teach, give and take.

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Home Sweet Home!

Being the enthusiastic, maybe a little mad writer that I am, I decided to sit down and write my life’s ambitions on paper. I needed a plan in my head, I needed some sort of map, a way to let my feelings out, be completely and utterly honest about going away and starting a different life.  For me the only way was writing, and I mean serious writing, pages and pages. I sat up long into the night, head bowed over notepad, scribbling furiously until I was happy with it.


And I’d like to share bits of it with you guys today.

I’ll start off near the beginning:

I was born a writer, but I always wanted to teach. I love the sense of empowerment and delight that learning gives me, I thrive on it and want to share it with others, even those who find hard and unrewarding. I want to bring out the best in every person I teach.

I’ll have to learn a lot, teaching doesn’t come naturally to me. But I’m willing to work hard, make sacrifices and be determined if it means I can have my school one day. The one I’ve planned for years and years. You wouldn’t believe the amount of excitement and motivation it gives me, just thinking about it.

I don’t know exactly what shape or form the school will take, but I know that people will be central to it. It will be based around a strong, fair and kind community who want to teach the next generation the skills they need to live in the world and make it a better place.

This is all I want, it’s simple really. Just to live in place where I can learn and teach, make a difference in the world and be surrounded by people who care about the planet and each other.

I then go into the future, describing the school that I want so much:

I can hear the sound of laughter getting closer, the kids pile into the large, homey kitchen. The tinkling of water mixes with their joy to create the perfect melody as they wash their hands. I can feel the soft smoothness of dough as I knead and they copy, studying my hands in concentration. They are so eager to get it right, this will be their lunch.

We sit down around the table and I begin to read them a piece of poetry. I taste the words on my tongue, rolling them out into the air, popping each one like a giant gum bubble. Their young faces are filled with wonder and fascination. I tell them to write their own, using the emotions in their bodies to inspire them. They put their heads down and start scribbling.

Some of them take longer, savouring the language they use. Others rush through it, dashing to put on their wellies and run outside into the sunshine.

When they come back in they’re smeared with mud and grass stains and they smell like summer. They’ve been chasing each other around the meadow, foraging some salad ingredients from the hedgerow. They argue over who’s going to tell me about the lamb they saw being born.

We all sit down for lunch. Warm, happy voices and friendly, but passionate debates mingle together, filling my heart with contentment. The pasta is delicious and the children feel so proud of their work.

When darkness falls and they’re in bed or they’ve gone home, I log onto my computer and sign into WordPress. I type furiously, my fingers flying over the keys. I whip up a whirlwind of words that challenge, inspire and inform the reader. I become graciechick, writer, blogger, Light In The Darkness. Changing the world from her desk.

Then I talk about the struggles of leaving everything behind and going out into the world:

I’ve got  friends here, I’ll have to leave them behind. In a way I feel like any other thirteen year old, the idea of having friends over and carrying on all the fun activities is quite tempting. But I want to teach and I’m dedicated to my future.

Going away will be enriching and I’ll experience things I never imagined was possible. I’ll learn from life and learn to teach. I’ll gain the experience and knowledge needed to be a good teacher. I want to quench my thirst for understanding. I’ll meet people who already possess the wisdom needed. I’ll visit places that will inspire me and push me to the limits, but it will all be worth it. I’m working towards that dream of starting my own school and changing the world.

I don’t want to travel forever. When I find a place I feel I belong and an environment where I can grow and flourish, I’ll definitely think about wanting to stay. I’m not one of those people who travels for the sake of travelling, I’m looking for something.

Travelling is brilliant. Every day, every place I go, every person I meet is an opportunity to learn something new, to add to the library of my mind. But friendships can’t really be formed when you’re always moving on. Friends are so important to me, just like they’re central to any kid’s life. I want to able to forge good relationships with people my own age. Of all the things about the lifestyle we are about to adopt and have experienced in the past, the only bad one I can think of is friendships.

I want to be able to have my friends over to stay, to be more independent and to go out with them by myself. I want to be able to laugh and have fun with them and to see them more than once a month.

You could see this as a negative thing, but I can see through that and see the good in it. I’m searching for a place where we, as a family, can find the right friends, like-minded people who’ll join us on our journey through life.

I apologise that this post was so long and I hope that you enjoyed it. Blogging on A Light In The Darkness is extremely important to me and I will never stop writing my thoughts, ideas and stories on this site, although I may not always have an internet connection! So bear with me, good followers, for I will never abandon you.

Goodbye for now and wish me luck!

Gracie 🙂 🙂 🙂

 Do you have ambitions for your life? Can you relate to my dreams and struggles? I always deeply appreciate your comments and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to send me a few words, they always make me smile. 


21 thoughts on “Into The Sunset: My Purpose In Life And My Dreams For The Future…

  1. Beautiful post, Gracie. Your writing is so rich and compelling–you are such a mature young lady, and your ambitions are really beautiful. Your dream to have a school is so cool, and your descriptions of it were really engaging–I want to go to that school! It sounds like such a peaceful and nostalgic place (it reminded me of the Great British Baking Show haha–have you seen that show?) Keep dreaming and working hard, Gracie. Good things come not just to those who wait, but those who have the drive and take the initiative. 🙂 God bless, Gracie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grace, thank you so so much for that encouraging and beautiful comment. Yeah, I would quite like to attend my own school too! 🙂 Yes, I have seen that show, it’s really good.

      I will certainly keep dreaming and never give up. Thank you for all your advice and kind words. I wish you the best in life too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are most welcome! I’m sure a lot of people would like to attend such a school–it feels like it would perform well in a world that’s so loud and noisy, mean spiritied and going in too many directions. Your school seems like a place that is quite calm and kind, and puts emphasis on one thing at a time. I’d quite like to be there–this world is so crazy!
        The show is so much fun to watch! It’s so cute and quirky (I love British accents :P)
        Why thank you Gracie! I appreciate it ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope people are interested in an alternative way of education and I aim to gather as much knowledge and experience that I can. I totally agree with you, I wouldn’t want to go to a normal school, I’m quite happy being home educated.

        Haha! I have a British accent. Though it isn’t posh as many people assume all British accents are. 🙂


        Bye for now…

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  2. Love that car! It looks so cool 😀
    You are a wonderful writer, Gracie! I love reading your blog. Please don’t ever stop!
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As a fellow nomadic soul (seriously, our dad calls us the Jesus Nomads) I can relate to the struggle you’re going through. I hope this will be a smooth transition for you 🙂 I have learned that long distance friendships are beautiful and they do indeed last. (I’ve got friends all over the world that I’ve known for years). Don’t give up on your friendships, for it is through transition that you see which one’s will stick with you throughout life. 🙂 Have fun with Mo!


    • Thank you so much for all your advice, Rubix! I’m sure I’ll have an amazing experience and that I’ll learn a lot. I’m so excited. At the same time, I have this dilemma going on in my head, but I know that I’ll make more friendships along the way. I’ll have to to really make an effort to keep in touch with people which will show my commitment and keep our relationship strong.

      Thanks again….

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  4. As always your thoughts and aspirations are inspirational Gracie. I feel sure you will find the right place for you and have your school in due course. It will, of course, be amazing! It took me a long time to find out what I wanted from life, but I am now extremely lucky to be able to follow my dreams and achieve my aspirations.

    I look forward to following everyone’s adventures and send lots of love to you all for the coming months xxx
    P.S. if you pass by come and say Hi!


  5. Hi Gracie although I have read your blog and we had a conversation about all your hopes for the future I just had to read it have had some really great replies and we all agree you are a very clever young lady. You will go far in life you are a very determined person . I wish you all a very happy and successful journey and look forward to hearing all your news xxxxx

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