The Blogger On The Road…..

Hello there people! In two days I will be known throughout the blogosphere as ‘the blogger on the road’. Think of me on Saturday, climbing into my family’s tiny camper van, Mo, and driving off into the unknown. Never to be seen again.

Some of you may have read this post here, Into The Sunset: My Purpose In Life And My Dreams For The Future. It was all about my family’s decision to leave everything behind and set off to live a different life. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading it and putting up with pages and pages of my rambling about hopes and ambitions and struggles. You guys are amazing. Thanks for all the beautiful, honest and heartfelt responses I received too, I appreciate it immensely.

Image result for thank you animated gif

I cannot wait to venture out into the world and discover it for myself, I’ve read so many books and now I want to get out there and experience things for myself. I’ll keep you guys updated on all my crazy adventures as I go, I promise! Our new family blog, Almost Round The Bend, is under construction and will be up for you all to follow soon. I will post the link on here as soon as I get the chance.

Goodbye for now and please leave me a comment!

Gracie 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤







13 thoughts on “The Blogger On The Road…..

  1. Oh wow Saturday is tue big day!!!! Very excited for you all.
    And I hope you are NOT….”never to be seen again”
    Can’t wait to read the blogs while in your adventures
    Travel safe
    Lots of love
    X x

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  2. Sending lots of love to you all on the eve on your adventures. Travel safely, I’m really looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. Have masses of fun, learn lots and explore widely xxx

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  3. Wow you really are at the off. How exciting for you all.lots to see lots to do and lots to learn. Looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing all the news. We wish you all a safe and exciting time .Hope to see you soon lots of love to you all Nan and Geoff xxxxx


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