White Helmets Of Hope

Hey Guys! Today I’d like to share with you all a story about hope, war, conflict, unity and light shining in the darkness.

But before I do that, I’m taking the opportunity to remind you of my writing competition that I just launched! You have until the 1st May to enter. So far I have received a couple of entries so far and they’re all pretty awesome, I’ve taken great pleasure in reading them and I’d LOVE to be able to enjoy some more. So please, click here: Exciting News + A Writing Competition to find out more and submit your piece of writing.

Now, a couple of months ago I watched an emotional and incredible documentary about the situation in Syria. It was called The White Helmets and it inspired this story.

White Helmets Of Hope by Gracie Chick

My city is crumbling, my home is being slowly destroyed. Bomb by bomb, brick by brick, wall by wall collapses, spilling rubble over the road and filling the air with dust.

Time is running out for us, for Syria. If we cannot resolve this conflict then all will be lost forever. It breaks my heart to see the people dying in the streets, to hear the screams from my neighbours and the blasts from the explosions that rain down on our country day and night. To see the fear in the faces of my own children as they clutch my hand makes me, a grown man, cry. And what makes me angry is how, as the days go by, the fear is almost gone. They’ve grown so accustomed to the feeling of terror that is has disappeared.

This isn’t the life I want for them, but what I do want is so far away from this hell we have been forced to live in. There is one consolation in these times of darkness and that is that we are all in this together. We, the people of Syria, are all caught in a powerful war that we do not even understand. So we try to make change.

Some of us are Muslim and others are Christian, we all believe in different things, but we all believe in peace. So we put aside our differences and we work together for the good of our nation and our people. We are the White Helmets.

Every day we risk our lives to rescue people from dangerous areas, we head to where there has been a bombing and we try our absolute best to preserve the lives of every single man, woman or child in need. In the White Helmets we have a motto which says “To save one life, you save the whole of humanity.”

And it is true. Every life we save is a blow against evil and against war. Every life is part of the fight. 

By Gracie Chick ❤️

I would really recommend the documentary, which can be found on Netflix and is all about the work of the White Helmets. Just to warn you, a lot of the footage is fairly graphic.

What did you think of the story? Are you going to watch the film? Will you enter my competition? Please? Let me know your thoughts with a comment below. Thanks so much! 

See ya later…..


27 thoughts on “White Helmets Of Hope

  1. The story is just amazing!!! You’re a very talented writer. I will put the documentary on my list of things to watch. I would love to enter your competition, but I haven’t written in about 6 years… it’s scary for me. I used to write short stories, songs and poetry.

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  2. Hey there, Gracie! I just wanted to let you know to I’m going to be entering your contest. 🙂 I’d also like to mention that the last paragraph is taken from one of my ORIGINAL poems.

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    • Awesome! I just read it. It’s lovely. Thanks for entering and don’t forget to keep an eye on my blog for updates. If you have any writer/blogger friends who would be interested in submitting a story or poem, please feel free to spread the word! Thanks, Mukta!

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  3. What a compelling story. You put so much feeling into your writing. It is terrible what is going on in Syria no human being should have to live in such dangerous circumstances. These people just want to live their lives with their families in peace .The White Helmets of hope are doing all they can to help. Xx


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