Chaos In The Classroom And Teaching Triumphs

Hello Everybody! My classroom has doubled in size this week. Lily and Perran from Coope Farm have the week off school and so have decided to join us in our lessons, that means I have two new students to teach!

This is a big leap for me, going from teaching my brother and sister to teaching someone else’s kids every day is taking my teaching skills up to a whole new level. It’s a challenge to plan activities and adapt to the skills of a relatively broad age range (between eight and eleven years old). I am doing my best, yesterday we continued our ongoing project on world religions by learning all about Buddhism.

I thought you might find it amusing to read the story they wrote together, supposedly with a Buddhist theme. It ended up more about sheep!

How The Sheep Turned Brown by Evan, Irys, Gracie, Lily and Perran

Gracie: There once was a young Buddhist monk who was nine years old and loved drawing Mandalas. His favourite colour was orange, the same shade as his robes.

Lily: He liked orange so much that he dyed his pet sheep orange.

Irys: Seeing as he dyed his sheep orange, a girl came along to shear his sheep and she took a little wool for her spinning.

Evan: Jian, the mandala drawer, loved Thai cooking and made spicy Thai green curry with noodles every night as an offering to Buddha.

Perran: One time he cooked Thai green curry and his pet orange sheep came and knocked it off the table, spilling all the curry.

Gracie: Jian was super cross and afraid of how the older monks would react to Thai green curry all over their temple. He attempted to mop it up using his sheep’s orange wool, but unfortunately it just dyed the wool green.

Lily: As the attempt to mop up the curry failed, Jian and his now green sheep decided to run away at dusk.

Irys: Jian was so upset that he had to leave the temple, he got angry with his sheep and turned bright red. Suddenly the sheep-shearer was back for some green wool.

Evan: She found that one of Jian’s many sheep was missing! This girl happened to be a secret member of the RSPCA, it took a while for her realise the sheep’s fate: it had been sacrifices to Buddha! She grabbed a pot of tea and threw it Jian’s head.

Perran: Now Jian tried to turn his sheep back to orange, but when he tried it ended up brown! 

The End

I think the whole ‘respect of all life’ thing got lost somewhere along the way. But knowing my brother, there had to be a sacrifice in there somewhere!

The lesson went really well, these guys really helped me on my teaching journey. They were all inspired, focused and enthusiastic, everything students should be.

Bye….! Btw, the results of the writing competition are coming very soon!




2 thoughts on “Chaos In The Classroom And Teaching Triumphs

  1. Well done Gracie, you encouraged everyone to use their imaginations and practice their writing skills. It was a good story, even if it didn’t quite portray the values you were looking for! That’s something to work on for next time xxx


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