Mental Health Awareness Week: My Thoughts + Why We Need You!


Mental Health Awareness Week: the opportunity to make a real difference. Two amazing bloggers, Arya and Shruti from The Indian Avaaz have come up with an inspiring idea to spread the word about mental health related issues. And guess what?! They’ve asked me to help them!

We bloggers are privileged to have a voice, a chance to speak out against important things, to show that we care.

In the girls’ plan, you have to write a post about Mental Health Awareness Week and then ask two other bloggers to join you in the fight by writing their own post and inviting even more bloggers to get involved. It’s a bit like a tag with an awesome twist!

I would like to share something of how I feel about Mental Health issues. If you have any experience of it yourself and think I have got things wrong, please do not judge. It is difficult for me to write about something I have limited understanding of and I’ve done my best. If you have opinions, please do feel free to contact me through the comments to add your thoughts.

Here goes:

I believe that mental health comes as a result of our broken and fractured modern society.

We are all a part of humanity and although we are diverse, we are more similar than we may think. We have the potential to learn to live together and help each other. If we make the choice to work as one and try to fix the problems and issues that plague society, we could eliminate mental health forever.

You’d always have someone to talk to, someone who really cared. We’d all be happier, more content and surrounded by love and support, if people thought about what was best for their wider community and not just themselves. This really could happen, I have faith in the human spirit to make it work.

We need to start trusting and including, not labeling and discriminating. This is not always easy and there aren’t always simple answers, but we must try, for the sake of our fellow human beings.

One of the things that Arya and Shruti asked me, and all the bloggers after me, to do is list some helplines and support networks for people reading this who do suffer with a ‘mental health problem’ (not a label, guys.) Please don’t give up hope, there are so many people willing to lend you a hand of friendship.

Childline, this one is for young people to open up to a trustworthy and kind adult about things they feel the need to talk about. They have a big focus on mental health. This agency does incredible work.

I don’t really know of any other helplines, but I do know that there are many inspiring members of this blogging community who are willing to chat about, and share advice on, their experiences of mental health and all the issues that surround it. Although I am by absolutely no means an expert, if you wish to open up please leave a comment and I’ll certainly be willing to listen!


Now, I need to ask some of you guys to join me in this fight. The aim of this is to get as many people blogging about mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week (ends on Sunday) so I am going to up the game and invite a load of you to write a post and raise awareness. Even if your name isn’t on my list, please please please get involved! You’re contributing to a better world.

Ok, I request the following people to join in the battle against mental health all over the earth:

Thoughts In Life

Elsie L.M.C



Rainbow Girl

The Be-you-tiful Gal






Guys, feel no pressure to do this, but do remember that is an amazing opportunity to make a difference and use your voice to help others. Keep sharing and keep spreading the word. Note: If you are going to do this, it should preferably be done before Sunday, the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

See y’all later!




10 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week: My Thoughts + Why We Need You!

  1. Oh, I was just talking about mental health and illness stigmas and representation with Sarah the other day! We were talking about how hard it is to write about mental illness because we can’t relate and don’t want to misrepresent it — and this is just the perfect post! Thank you so much, and while I don’t think I’ll be able to dedicate a full post to this, I’ll definitely put a section in a post about it! 🙂

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    • Do you know, I feel exactly the same way. In the end I decided to quiz the people in my family who have more life experience than me and ask for their advice and experiences with mental health issues.

      It would be so amazing if you could possibly squeeze it into a post. Thanks so much!


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  2. Gracie considering as you say your limited understanding about mental health problems I think you have written an excellent blog. About how you see the troubles that can arise and what should be done to help the situation.. well done xxxxx


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