A Light In The Darkness (The Novel): Part Two

Hiya People! It’s been five days since I left you all on that ruthless cliffhanger. *gasps* I know, how could I possibly do such a thing to you guys?! Shocking, eh?

How have you withstood the tension? How have you coped with the suspense?

I got so much positive feedback from you guys last time (along with many desperate pleas for more!) So I’ve decided to post the next part from where we left off last time.

To recap:

And with that he bowed low, his shining hair brushing the floor. “Welcome to the realms of darkness, Faith.”

I screamed.  

To read part one and find out about the whole plot idea/theme/complicated look into Gracie’s crazy writer’s mind, click here. Thank you!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next part in Gracie Chick’s ongoing novel: A Light In The Darkness. Please enjoy!

Time seemed to stand still as a huge ghostly shadow reared up from behind the trees to greet us. Taking the form of a thousand children, skeletally thin, faces worn and desperate, they marched in rows. Their hands were cupped, begging for a few spare coins, their eyes were begging for kindness.

They stumbled straight past us without so much as a glance in our direction. Their small, pitiful cries echoed far and near.

“They look so real.” I whispered. The boy’s reply came like a breath of wind brushing my ear. “That’s because they are.” “Is this it?” I asked quietly “Is this what the darkness really looks like?” “Yes, but we’d better keep moving. There’s much more to see.” he answered.

The children kept marching, further and further away through the woods, their dim eerie lights glowed like little lanterns in the darkness and their stricken voices still crying out for the people of the world to notice them. Notice their hunger, their sadness, their desperation, their bare feet, their sickness. Their faces, all colours under the shade of grimy brown, drew and held my attention. I had to drag myself angrily away, as the Ambassador was getting impatient at my side. This was more than I could bear. I dreaded the rest of tonight.

As we walked on, each deep in thought, the leaves began to whip up, whirling around our feet, though there was no wind at all. Chairs and a long wooden table, worn and weathered with age, floated silently down through the canopy.

Pale figures dressed in expensive clothes and baring perfect white teeth followed them, coming effortlessly down like snowflakes, to land seated in the chairs. This scene was so different to the one I had just witnessed.

They began to whisper amongst themselves and the Ambassador signalled for me to stay motionless and watch. The people talked calmly together, every now and then glancing suspiciously around them through narrowed, evil eyes. Their faces contained no feeling, only an inhuman like coldness.

I watched the Ambassador step coolly into their midst and talk silently with them, gesturing over to me. I felt their greedy, selfish and cunning eyes turn to me and I glared defiantly back. I knew who these people were. I had encountered their type many times before. They were the sort of guys I campaigned against on a daily basis.

These people were right at the top of all evil doings. They lived a life of luxury, hidden behind their multi-millionaire statuses, all the while taking advantage of the most poor and vulnerable people on the planet. They had no heart and they cared only about themselves. They caused those children’s fate, and they never got caught.

A penny for your thoughts?

Was it as good as the first part? Better? Worse? Would you like to read more? Please give me your honest opinions, people. Are you writing a novel? Can we talk about your writing dreams, hopes and aspirations? Do you like the style I write in? What about the content? Let me know by dropping me a comment! 

Okay, see you all later!


P.S Thanks to everyone who took the time to write something nice about my last part of the novel, it means a lot for you guys to like it. I appreciate it so much. Xxxx


14 thoughts on “A Light In The Darkness (The Novel): Part Two

  1. Oh my gosh Gracie! I felt as if I was pulled into the realm you spoke of, and your descriptions were absolutely amazing; I could imagine everything you spoke of 😀 . You truly have a talent! 🙂 ❤ xxx

    Your friend,

    Aqsa ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gracie you’ve done it again. I’m now waiting hear more. It’s such an amazingly thought out story.Your descriptions are incredible..Your talent shines through all the time. You should be very proud of yourself.Well done xxxxx


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