A Light In The Darkness Part 3: In Which Gracie Gets Philosophical

Heya guys!  Welcome to Part 3 of A Light In The Darkness, novel by Gracie Chick. If you need to read parts 1 and 2, please click here for 1 and here for 2!  Otherwise, keep readin’!

WARNING!!! Philosophical rambler here. Read on at own risk!

Right, as you know, this story takes place inside a metaphor, the crazy idea that maybe you have to see and experience the darkness to truly fight for the light.  This novel’s purpose is to help people understand the battle between these two sides. The actual reality to the way our world works.

This installment picks up where part 2 left off and gets deeper into that metaphor I was just telling you about. If you were listening!

So, here goes:

I stared bitterly at them, my fingers dancing over my thighs, drumming the rhythm of my war cry. I had worked tirelessly for years of my young life to uncover the identities of these people. To, as the Ambassador had said, separate the true light from the shady fakes and frauds. To bring justice to those who deserved it. Now they were right here and all I could do was observe, seething with anger, as they made decisions that no doubt costs the lives or freedoms of innocent people. It made me sick, there was nothing I could do.

“This place isn’t really the realms of darkness” I mused spitefully to my companion. “What do you mean?” he said, as if he didn’t care. “It’s just a mirage, a reflection, a shadow. Nothing here is real!” He turned to face me, his expression suddenly thoughtful. “No,” he replied slowly “I guess you’re right. But it has to be a mirage, a shadow, a reflection of something real, doesn’t it? A shadow always has a shape, a reflection is always a depiction, a mirage is always meant to look like something that really does exist.”

I bit my lip over and over, my brain whirring noisily inside my skull.

“I would call this place a gallery, I think.” he continued “You are watching another world through a window, the glass prevents you from being touched by it, but you in turn can have no contact.” 

“That makes it so much harder, not easier.” I wailed “It takes away none of the horrific mix of emotions I feel at witnessing these awful things yet it adds the frustration, extreme frustration, at being able to nothing to help.”

“This is difficult for you.” I felt a light touch on my arm “I’m sorry that you have to go through it, but it’s for the best, honestly. It’s exactly the same for all of you kids when you come here and it really does help you on your journey.” I looked up at the Ambassador and smiled apologetically, I could see traces of caring worry in his streaky orange eyes.

“You’re such a terrible representative. I wonder why they ever chose you.” I told him, twisting my hair between my fingers. I was getting used to black. “Why do you say that?” he asked drily. “Because you’re supposed to be like them!” I answered. “And I’m not?” he muttered, staring at the ground, his features suddenly hard again.

“Not at all!” I exclaimed “For goodness sake, you’re supposed to be smart. Don’t you know yourself?” “Sometimes I don’t know.” he murmured, sitting down on a log and rubbing his forehead with a strong, olive skinned hand.

I sat down beside him and gently tilted his face upwards so that he had to look into my eyes. “You don’t belong here, Ambassador.” I told him. “I can help you escape.” He gazed at me for a moment before shaking his head angrily. “No!” he laugh-cried “You can’t free me. No one can. I am bound to this place forever. You know what they say? Once on the dark side, always drowning in its depths.”

“They lie to you!” my voice was firm and loud. “It’s not the truth. Light can reach the darkest corners, you just have to make the choice to accept it. Look, you have to just trust me. Okay?” my voice echoed around the whispering trees. “Okay?” I yelled defiantly.

I saw him take a deep breath and his whole body shook, overcome by emotion. “It’s your turn.” I was whispering now “It’s your turn to trust me.”

He appeared to make a decision, turning back towards me with fierce determination. “I need to tell you a story.” his whisper was harsh and cold, but a cold that was filled with feeling.

“Alright.” I said.

“It can’t be told here.” he hissed “The words are forbidden to pass through my lips.” I understood. “Let’s go.” I took his hand this time and led him away, following only the moon and hoping to find my way back to the light.

Ooh! I must say, this is my favourite part so far. I really like the depth of conversation and dialogue that I managed (after many attempts) to create. I also like the picture the last scene leaves in my mind. *closes eyes and imagines* Try it, gone on. You know you want to!

See’s you all later, people. And leave me a comment please!



21 thoughts on “A Light In The Darkness Part 3: In Which Gracie Gets Philosophical

  1. Another brilliant chapter Gracie. It’s certainly hotting up.Your wording and story telling is amazing and the way you describe everything is amazing. Look forward to the next chapter xxxxx


  2. This was too good! 😂 I can see it all in my head (most prominently the last chapter) it’s like a film it’s so clear. I love how the story reads like it is flowing from one part to the next, even with the parts I did not expect, they all fit in and the chapter is always left at a part where we are left wanting more! 😂😄💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am overjoyed that you are still enjoying this. I thought maybe you’d all get tired after a while. Idk?! Yay! That’s amazing. I loved this chapter too. Most definitely my favourite so far. I know, right?! Aren’t I evil leaving you on such cliffhangers?! No worries, there will always be a next part….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh Gracie this is fabulous! I want to know the story he is going to tell so badly! I have to go back and read the other chapters. The way you write keeps me on the edge of my seat, thank you for sharing more of your writing with all of us!! Absolutely thrilling!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so so so so good! I mean it!! Aahh It’s so cruel of you, to end it there and make me wail. Gosh, I can’t believe you wrote that!! I mean, it looks so professional and so so beautiful. Do I sound like a desperately mad person? I am so freaking honest about this.. Because its soo good and the WAY you have written it is even better!!
    I love it!! and ILY

    Liked by 1 person

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