My Honest Struggles: An Inspiring Rant

Hello Everybody!

The reason I started this blog was to be a’ light in the darkness’, to help and inspire others through my writing and to spread hope and light in a world that is cloaked in darkness.

But every person has their struggles, no matter who they are. And the only way they can make a difference is to accept them and embrace them. This is where honesty comes in. Honesty is the greatest tool a person has, because if they can admit to having flaws, they can begin to work on making things better.

One of the things I struggle with is actually being honest, and I really hoped this blog would help me with that. I feel like I haven’t opened up to you guys in a while so today I’ve decided to be brave and share some of my struggles. I thought maybe you could share your advice and we could chat in the comments? Perhaps we could help each other with our struggles? It really helps, and is a positive thing, for people to talk about their own experiences.

May, over at Forever And Everly, does a blogging series called Writer’s Woes. In her explanation of this series she says: If she (May) talks about her problems, there is a 97% chance that they will be solved. (The other 3% chance is that she’ll just end up agonizing over her life choices and ranting about all her other problems. #oops) 

This quote really makes me smile and what she says is perfectly true.

Just to say, this post is not supposed to be depressing, it’s meant to be hopeful and inspiring. We all have struggles, none of us are perfect. Let’s help each other.

So here are mine:

1. Being wrong. It’s nothing to do with what others think about me. It’s to do with myself, something deep inside me can’t cope with being wrong. You could call it extreme perfectionism. I always feel the need to defend myself if someone challenges something I’ve done or said. It makes it hard for me to take on their criticism, although it often meant to help me learn and grow.  It often causes my family to get frustrated with me because I don’t want to listen to what they say.

2. Being in pain. I have a condition called Femoral Anteversion which I won’t go into because it’s complicated, horrible and possibly very boring. Anyway, it causes me a lot of extreme pain in my legs. I am a very determined person and try not to let it stop me in any way, but sometimes I am unable to do things. This frustrates and upsets me immensely. For example, a couple of weeks ago, me and my siblings got together with some friends we hadn’t seen in months. There were about ten of us and every person there was really athletic (except me, of course). They wanted to play sporty running games all weekend. And there was me, stumbling along behind, refusing not to play. I was in so much pain, but didn’t want to say anything and ruin it for everyone else. 

However, this problem will hopefully soon be over as I am having a couple of operations this autumn!!!

3. Being Patient. I know I’m probably not the only one! This one is big for me as I desperately want to be a teacher! I need to work on it….

4. Being To Ambitious. I have always had big ideas and big ambitions and sometimes it’s difficult for me to acknowledge that they may not always walk hand in hand with reality. I’m being honest when I say that one of my greatest struggles is accepting that life can’t always be how I want it to be, that problems exist and that things are complex and ugly and hard to achieve.

I want so much to change the world and I cling on to any opportunity that arises, but the people I love try to tell me that I can’t make things happen too fast. Life isn’t that straight forward, sometimes I have to go with the flow. It affects me and I have to stop it becoming a negative thing.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What do you struggle with? Can you relate to any of my woes? Do you have any advice? Do you need advice on anything? I’m always willing to listen and try to help. Please can we talk? It would mean so much to me. 

So, let’s discuss our troubles! This blogging community is so amazing, we can totally draw together and help each other. Leave me a comment below please, people! Feel absolutely free to be honest, no one will judge you. As I said before, we all have our flaws! 



28 thoughts on “My Honest Struggles: An Inspiring Rant

  1. This is such a beautiful post and it is very brave of you to speak out like this. I’m so sorry to hear about your condition 💗 I can relate to being in pain and feeling as if your missing out the majority of the time. It’s not nice to hear how these are supposed to be the happiest years of our lives (when we are young) and through no fault of our own we miss out on so always annoyed with myself for not being able to be like other 18 year olds. I think blogging made it easier for me as I feel as if I am doing something that is not staying in the same place, I’m progressing through it in both my writing and talking to other people. I agree with what you said in that we should “embrace” our struggles as we are who we are partly because of our pain and that makes us unique. I have big ambitions too but I think pain keeps us from overdoing it as we know partly what to expect when we go too far. Great post! 😄💗

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    • Wow! Thank you so so so much! You are such a great friend to me. I understand everything you’ve said. It’s like you’re reading my mind! Yes, blogging helps a lot, I can always be myself and connect with others. I was actually reluctant to talk about my condition, but then I realised that it’s a part of who I am. I I must embrace it. Thanks again for all your kind words of advice. It’s so amazing to hear your experiences and, being older than me, you are such a great inspiration for me to carry on and accept things the way they are.

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      • That is so kind of you 💗 I couldn’t not comment. Don’t ever feel as if you can’t talk about your condition on your blog, I think it shows how much of an incredible person you are to have to go through it yet want to be a light in the darkness and help others too! Sometimes when you speak out about pain, one word feels as if it’s too much and that it will bore others but it is the complete opposite! Have a lovely day! 💗

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      • What can I say? Here you go again, absolutely overwhelming me with your amazing support and advice. I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful. I will certainly take on board what you have said. I wish you the best with all of your problems and pain, I know you go through a lot and hope that you will continue to be the positive, inspiring person you are.

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  2. Oh, wow, Femoral Anteversion seems so painful! I hope you’re all right. 🙂 I struggle a lot with stress and time management, but also being wrong as well! I get defensive, haha. I mean, I’m fine with BEING wrong — I just don’t like it, or how people make fun of you. XD

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    • It is sometimes, but I’m having these operations soon so everything will (fingers crossed!) be fixed. Ah! Time management. Me too! I’m super defensive and I need to learn not to be! Thanks for commenting, May!

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  3. I have the exact problems as you do-and also that I get really worried about what will result of my hard work. I know what I want, and I know that what I want is what I deserve(most times), but it’s scary to imagine the possibilities if I don’t get what I want. Mostly, I DO get what I want, maybe even something better. 🙂 The times I don’t, it’s because I did something stupid 😉

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  4. Wrong. You are an inspiration to us all.Its always difficult to admit we could be wrong but you have to stand by your own beliefs as well.Im sure I frustrated my parents when I was growing up and didn’t want to listen to what they had to say. but looking back they probably were right and I know they always had my best interests at heart.. Pain. You are so brave to talk about your pain. You have always carried on and not let on how much pain you have. Always putting others first so as not to spoil their fun. You are amazing world fail me. Patient. We all have times when we are impatient. But if you want something enough you’ll get there. Ambitious. Believe in yourself and follow what you strongly believe in. If everyone was as caring as you the world would be a better place. Xxxxx

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  5. Gracie, everything Nanny says is true. You must have great patience as you already teach Irys & Evan and that can’t be easy, you write your blog and that also takes time, patience and a lot of thought. I think you’re being very hard on yourself.

    I believe one of the most important things you can do is when you make a mistake you learn from it and change things in your control to help you not make the same mistakes. This won’t stop you making more mistakes, but you will make different ones and that is the basis of learning!! I’ve done a lot of learning over the years and still learn something new every day, I also make mistakes, but do my best to learn from them. I think being patient is about looking at another person and being aware of their feelings and abilities then working within those limits and respecting them as an individual and not projecting your feelings or beliefs onto them. Like everything it takes practice, but it will come and sometimes you just have to be impatient and push forward!!

    Never give up your dreams and aspirations. Without them we can’t change things. You may not achieve everything or you may change your aspirations, sometimes it may take longer than you think it will, but those dreams & aspirations will guide you and take you where you need to go in life. Believe that you will be guided on your journey and taken where you need to go (including some difficult places) so you can learn all the things you need to know and to do the things you are meant to do.

    It’s great that you know what is causing your pain and that there is something that can be done to help you. Focus on the solution and keep doing all you can, never give up!

    You WILL do the things you want to do. You are an amazing young lady already and will be a special young woman. I’m very proud to be able to say you’re my niece and talk about all you do often xxxx

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  6. “Honesty is the greatest tool a person has, because if they can admit to having flaws, they can begin to work on making things better.” I love this! It is very true. I love your post!

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  7. Hey there! Thank you for putting up such an honest post- that’s a really brave thing! Don’t forget you would have lots of positive attributes too 🙂I would suggest for the patience thing to literally practice being patient with one person every day- start with maybe a shop assistant or someone you have a limited interaction with, then go from there. The more you work on it, the better you’ll get!

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