A Light In The Darkness #4 + A Comment Challenge

Welcome back to The Realms Of Darkness, guys!

Firstly, I want to say thank you to all the people who have been loyally reading and commenting on my novel, A Light In The Darkness, so far. I appreciate all of your brilliant feedback and encouragement. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing and inspirational blogging community. You’re all awesome! A big thank you heading your way!

Right, let’s get going!

The last chapter, which can be read here, ended like this:

He appeared to make a decision, turning back towards me with fierce determination. “I need to tell you a story.” his whisper was harsh and cold, but a cold that was filled with feeling.

“Alright.” I said.

“It can’t be told here.” he hissed “The words are forbidden to pass through my lips.” I understood. “Let’s go.” I took his hand this time and led him away, following only the moon and hoping to find my way back to the light.

And now for A Light In The Darkness #4:

“Does this darkness ever end?” I looked up at the stars for an answer, as the Ambassador seemed lost in his own thoughts, stumbling along behind me, his proud eyes fixed determinedly on the ground. Yet I could tell his mind was wandering and could almost visualise the dreamy spirals escaping from his head and floating off into the gloom. I longed to leap up and catch them all, save them from their dark doom. I felt I knew something off the battle between light and darkness going on in the Ambassador’s mind right now. I wished that I could tell him not to give up hope, to keeping fighting for what was good and right. But I kept my mouth firmly shut, now was not the time.

We walked for hours in silence. I wondered about the Ambassador’s story and what it would entail. I imagined woe and sadness and lonely nights in a place where everything is dark. I was just thinking about how I would ask my parents if he could come live with us, when the Ambassador`broke the seemingly unbreakable quiet. “Morning will come.” he held up a hand that pointed dramatically towards the sky. “It will.” I think he was telling himself as much as he was telling me.

“We’ll travel until then.” I decided “We’ll walk until the sun blesses the earth with its golden light.” He nodded. “Are you tired?” he asked. “Not really.” I half lied. “Good.” I caught a brief sense of his previous brisk aura. He seemed to have two sides to him: the snarky and intolerant side and then the sensitive, passionate and caring one, sometimes almost vulnerable. I was learning fast to switch as quickly as he did.

“Let’s go.” I took charge before he could say anything else. I turned to march away, but suddenly a strong grip had established itself on my arm. I spun around in surprise. He’d read my mind. “I trust you, Faith.” he smiled genuinely “Honestly, I do. We have to trust each other, don’t we?” “Yeah.” I relaxed with a beaming grin. “We can get through this together. Now, it seems that my hearing this story of yours is the only way forward, so let’s do this thing.”

“When the light finally graces us with its presence, I will tell you everything.” he promised. “Then there’s no use walking any further.” I told him. “The realms of darkness disappear at daybreak, don’t they? And this place is just an ordinary forest, right?” “Right.” he yawned and sank down into the leaves to rest. “No ghosts or shadows to listen in on our conversation?” I checked. “Nope.” he said, eyes closed.

I lay awake, listening to his hard, manly breathing and thinking about how my life had changed in the last few hours. I never once imagined that I would be here now, in a way I wondered if it was all a dream. Then the memory of the Ambassador’s fiery eyes flashed through my mind and I knew that it was all real. I thought about the motivation those poor children and those scheming millionaires had given me. About how the Ambassador had showed me so many truths, both ugly and beautiful. He showed me that people really are dark and evil, it’s not just a fairytale myth.

But he also unwittingly shed light on the fact that good can reach even the darkest corners of our souls.

I must admit that the sight of the sun rising in the east and turning the trees into paintbrushes, their tips dipped in golden ink, was the most amazing thing I ever did see. I was overcome with emotion. Moonlight is so different to sunlight. It’s colder and so much more unforgiving. It is a strict parent, firm yet loving in hindsight. Because light is light whatever colour.

The sun’s touch felt amazing on my skin and I could have cried if it were not for the Ambassador stirring beside me. He looked different in the daytime. His eyes had a greenish tint and his hair shone warmly replacing the cold glow it used to give off. “Where do you go in the day?” I asked him. “I mean, you do guided tours of ‘the realms of darkness’ during the night, but what’s your day job?”

He waved his hands dismissively. “All will soon be revealed.” he said stoutly. “If you are ready, I will begin my tale. Questions at the end, please.” “I can tell you’re a tour guide.” I giggled, which roused a smile from him.

“Things happen in this world that may seem unbelievable to you.” he began, staring past me and up at the canopy that was suddenly alive with birdsong. “Like a boy just appearing. He was never born nor raised nor does he have any family. He was never given the role of Ambassador, he just floated into it, because he has nobody to guide him. He doesn’t believe in fate or destiny, but he acknowledges that it is maybe the only explanation for his existence. But then strange things happen here, things that seem impossible. So perhaps it was by a sort of black magic that he ended up in the position, being controlled by something bigger. Something that he knows not how to understand.” the Ambassador paused, but I hurried him on.

“When he was younger he used to get this strong sense of identity. He knew he didn’t belong here. He wanted so badly to do something different, something right. So he would beg the visitors to the dark side to tell him of the ways of the light. The more he heard the more he knew where he truly belonged. Eventually, after much thought, he decided to ask them to take him with them when they left. Many would laugh at him and refuse. Others would look at him with pity, but tell him that he’d never fit in. After many long years, he began to believe them. Believe that he was a bad person. Believe that he belonged to the dark side. And could never escape.”

I gasped. “But that’s so wrong!” He held up his hands, as if to shrug.

“Then, after what seemed like and probably was, an eternity, he met a girl who was different. A girl who really did care. She opened a door and let the light seep into his tired body. She showed him the truth to who he really could be. She looked like an angel until she opened her mouth.” he stuck his tongue out at me, which left me snorting with laughter.

“Did I really?” I whispered. “Yes,” he replied, reaching out to touch my black hair. He shook his head sadly. “You’re so pretty.” I forced a smile and looked down my hands. “I-” I bit my lip so much that it hurt. “What?” he searched my face. “You can ask me any question now.” I took a deep breath and looked him square in the eye. “What’s your name?”

“ No one ever gave me one.” he smiled, looking the slightest bit ashamed. “That’s okay.” I told him, laying my hand on his shoulder. “I’ll give you one.” “I’d like nothing more.” he replied.

“Let me think then.” I smiled teasingly. “Hmmm. Go away for a while and when you come back, you’ll have a name for the first time in your eternal life.” That made us both laugh. He waved as he practically skipped away into the forest.

I tore a page out of the notebook I always kept in my pocket and started jotting down words that reminded me of him.

After a while I was ready for his return. I waited and waited and waited and waited. But he never came. I was beginning to get worried. “Ambassador?” I cried out into the forest. There was no warm, humorous voice to reply. I gritted my teeth as the signal of my legendary determination and then I set off, running into the forest at an alarming pace, my sooty cloak flapping behind me.

Da da da!

Ok, so guys, I need your help with something super important (and fun!!!!) Being the totally organised writer that I am, I have obviously already got the Ambassador’s name. Like, of course I have! But I still want your suggestions! Please, please, please leave any random idea you have in the comments below. I recommend you use the same method as Faith, jot down words that remind you of him.

Note: please don’t be alarmed if one of your suggestions pops up in next time’s chapter! Congratulations, you will have officially named an Ambassador.

Now, let’s chat! Any thoughts, ideas, questions, queries, etcetera? 







23 thoughts on “A Light In The Darkness #4 + A Comment Challenge

  1. This chapter was SO amazing! 😱
    Mm… I only could think of Orion and Tobias, or Theodore… But they all seem slightly off, so never you mind. 🙂
    I am thoroughly enjoying this so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant chapter!! How is it that a cliffhanger can always be incorporated when I least expect it and I’m left wanting to read more? 😂 I need to take my time reading these chapters so they last longer 😂 I’m not sure what name though, maybe something that is from the side of light where he tried so hard to be? A name that I have always liked is Nova. One of the meanings behind it is: a star that shines brighter than the sun at one point 😊💗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaaahhh..I love it more and more and more!! The description was soo amazing and it actually took me INTO your story. I AM DEAD SERIOUS. I was blinking in surprise when my eyes went to the next line, and I saw, “”Da da da!””. If it could go further….(sad)….. Ah I just absolutely LOVE the way you wirte. I don’t know if it looks like I am throwing too much flattery, but i can’t help it. So you are going to have to put up with it, every time you post the next part!! Please post it soooon!! Like as soon as you can, because its unfair since you know the story! And about the name?…How about Waldorf? ..Or Polaris? .. or Crucis?..I want his name to something unique..and here’s all I can come up with. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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