I know it’s a simple title, but that’s all this post is: me. It’s not at all complicated. Just honest and true. I hope you don’t mind that. πŸ˜ƒπŸ™‚ Here goes:

I’m the girl who wears baggy charity shop shirts and ripped jeans (before they became fashionable). I’m the girl who gets the most angering and humiliating stares every time she tells someone that she’s thirteen and a half, going on fourteen. The eyebrows shoot up and you hear an indistinct mumble that sounds something like “Sorry, thought you was like eleven or something.” *face palm closely followed by withering glare*

I am who I am and I honestly don’t care what others think, but there is something that I do worry about sometimes.

I see girls my age who are tall, have the latest trendy clothes and mobile phones, Β who look about four years older than they are. And I don’t envy them. I just wish they wouldn’t judge me.

They see a little girl and that’s not who I am. In fact, I haven’t felt like a little girl in years. I actually often forget that I’m not an adult. I feel like one sometimes. I get up at 5:30 every morning to read the news and I reckon I know, and care, more about what’s happening in the world than most adults.

My guess is that my ‘child’ brain is full of ideas that are equal to any grown up. I’m not saying I wish I was an adult and that I want to be treated like one, I definitely don’t desire to grow up too fast. People who know me well say I’m already too serious.

That’s what I love about this blog. You hear my words and you get an insight into my world. You get the opportunity to get to know me, without having the chance to judge me. Not that all of you would, of course. Β A lot of commenters have said how mature I am and that makes me feel so good. I have so much to offer. As a friend of mine once said, “Anyone would think you were eleven until you open your mouth”. I took this as a compliment.

I’d like to say that I’m not trying to hide myself, I just want to be defined by my character, not my appearance. I wish those girls walking down the street would appreciate that too. I strongly believe that beauty is what’s on the inside, not the out. But sometimes, in my mind, those words seem so distant and meaningless.

I’m also not saying that everyone judges me. That’s definitely not true. A lot of people do it without thinking, that’s not their fault.

Sorry, I hope you didn’t find this too much of a rant, I felt like a bit of a ramble!

Can you relate to this? What are your thoughts? Please send me a comment, I’ve really opened up here and would appreciate any heartfelt words of advice, inspiration or encouragement. Thank you all so much!Β 






40 thoughts on “Me

  1. I can definitely relate to this and it’s a brave subject for you to write about as people are so often judged by what they look like and not on the experiences they’ve had, things they’ve learned from them and who they truly are. I think you grow up internally faster and mature allot more in this way and some think to be mature is to look a certain way and wear and do what everyone else is doing. My mum always says I grew up faster because of my illness , it makes you see things as they are and appreciate the little things when you’re well and able (I’m straying from the point πŸ˜‚) I’d much rather be me than feel in any way influenced by how other people would like to see me (unless I can benefit in some way and be moody less πŸ˜‚) great post! πŸ˜„πŸ’—

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  2. Oh Gracie ❀ !! You know what, one thing I really really value about you is that you are you. And you are not being thrown in the image making world. You are real, and are yourself, a normal 13 nearly 14 years old girl. Thank you for sharing your feelings about this. I can relate to it as well, as I was similar to you when I was young (without your amazing writing skills and wisdom !) And I'm so happy I had the chance to still be a child when I was a child, and be my real age at all time. Would you mind if i share your post with the students at Brockwood ? They are between 14 and 18 years old, and I think it would be valuable for them to hear that. Let me know if your ok with that. I miss spending time with you and your family !!! Big hugs to you and them ❀ Thanks again for sharing this !

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    • Eva!!! It’s so nice to hear from you and thank you for your beautiful, beautiful comment! It’s amazing to read your encouragement and experience. Yes, please do share this with your students at Brockwood! I would like that. I’ll say hi to everyone for you, say hi to your family for us. Big hugs and maybe I’ll email soon?!



  3. You’re beautiful just the way you are. My other niece is 2 weks older than you and is like to the other girls you describe, but she’s not real, it’s all artificial. Both me & Steve think you look much nicer than her. You’re natural and real, not painted and artificial. Your knowledge and passion set you out from others, make you unique and the person you are. Stay true and keep being you, you’re perfect the way you are xxxx

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  4. I went through the same thing. They call you lame or boring or think you don’t really know anything and that your opinion shouldn’t and couldn’t possibly matter. I’m 23 now and to this day people still ask me if I’m over 18 or if I’m over 21. People are shocked when they finally hear me speak about something or read something I wrote. It amuses me. But sometimes can be annoying. You’re on the right track, keep doing what you want to do and what you love. Being wise as early as possible is a good thing

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  5. I totally agree and relate, Gracie! I’ve been told so many times that I can’t stand up or share my knowledge/opinions because of my age. I turned 14 in January (so we’re almost the same age!) and lots of people think that I am still really young to be standing up as an activist, which I absolutely disagree with. Age does not matter, as long as you are using your voice to stand up for the right thing; I think this is what society needs to realize. And to be completely honest, I think that we are more capable to use our voices against what is wrong, and represent our generation in numerous ways that are bound to make a difference in the world, versus the negative decisions of those who are leading entire countries. What I’ve learned from my experiences is yes, people will judge, but that should never stop you from being yourself and doing the greater good in this world (and you are an absolutely beautiful person, who is already making a great difference every single day!). Lovely post, and I am so glad that you got the chance to blog about this, Gracie πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

    Lol, sorry for the rant! πŸ˜€

    Your friend,

    Aqsa ❀

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    • I can’t thank you enough Aqsa! This comment means so much to me. You are completely, totally and utterly right. Age doesn’t make a difference when you believe in something that’s true and want to share it. Society definitely needs to know that. It would clear so many judgemental barriers. I think adults could learn a lot from this young blogging community! Btw, I turned thirteen in January!

      Aqsa, you are a stunning person too and you make such a difference in my life. For you to say that about me means something I cannot express. Thank you!

      No! I don’t mind rants. This one was incredible!

      Your friend,
      Gracie xxxxxπŸ˜ƒ


  6. Oh my gosh YES. I feel like while I’m blogging, I don’t get judged for being young or Asian or a girl. All that matters is truly our voice and personality and how kind we are. We don’t make fun of appearances or how we sound because we don’t see/hear those things! In that way, blogging can be so freeing. For example, many people couldn’t believe that I was thirteen — they thought I was older! Blogging releases that judgement, and that’s what I love so much about it. ❀

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  7. Gracie don’t ever put yourself down.I know you are my granddaughter but you are the kindest caring loving and intelligent person ever. It’s not how tall you are it’s quality not quantity that counts.So many of the youngsters today have to wear all the gear have the mobile phone and look older than they are. But underneath they are not always happy. Please stay the way you are. Xxxxx

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  8. You keep amazing me with your wonderful posts, Gracie.
    It feels weird to have those friends who were once shorter than you much taller, to have a taste in clothes which is not considered trendy, or simply to feel much older… I’ve always felt that my thoughts don’t match the majority’s, and I find myself thinking of things that kids my age don’t think of.
    I don’t enjoy gossip and small talk and seem to have an introspective mind. My mother understands me like no one else does, and we, just like you do, occasionally indulge in ‘philosophical discussions’. πŸ™‚ She often asks me whether our topics seem too grown-up for me… But I love them, and that’s what I tell her.
    In our generation, people judge each other quite easily. But I feel grateful to have those few people who love me regardless of my size and appearance. I often wonder why those things matter. How does makeup make you beautiful?
    I am so grateful to have met you, Gracie, and you have become one of my favourite bloggers. I’m sorry about how much I’m postponing sending you my entry for your blog project. Do let me know when it’s due, won’t you?

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    • Mukta! Thank you! Look, I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me. I can’t stop smiling. Us two sound quite similar and it’s amazing that you relate to this post. I like philosophical discussions, I’m one of those people with a lot of BIG questions. My parents actually encourage that and it’s great that you have these conversations with your Mum too.

      I totally agree. I judge people too and feel so bad afterwards. Out generation do it without thinking twice. I always try to get to know people before I judge them. Blogging frees you from that. πŸ˜ƒ I’ve never worn makeup! Do you wear it?

      I’m so happy we’re friends, Mukta. You’re an inspiring and beautiful person too. If you could send me your entry within the next couple of days that’d be great, but no worries.


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      • No, I don’t wear makeup. πŸ˜‰ I don’t ever remember putting on lipstick, leave alone all of the crazy stuff people these days do… I don’t think highly of makeup, and somehow I feel that wearing it will mask who I really am. And yes, I’ll try to send it in as soon as I find time to do it. Thanks, Gracie!
        Finding someone similar to me is so exciting. I never seemed to find a person my age who really understood all my inner going-ons… That’s probably why I consider myself as my best friend. πŸ˜€

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      • Me neither. I only ever have when playing dressing up as a little kid. I know some people think of it as their ‘war paint’, but I don’t really think I’d ever wear it. It’s their choice though.

        Yes! I feel the same way, Mukta. I wish I could meet some of the incredible bloggers on the internet, I’m sure we’d all get on just as well as we do online. It would be so nice to have ‘real’ friends with similar thoughts, ideas and passions.

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  9. Hi! I found your blog through Maggie, another younger amazing blogger! You write incredibly well, for someone who is 13 (I think you said, correct me if I’m wrong). I can however relate with being thought younger than I am. I’m 25 now, but I still get mistaken for a teenager (perhaps its me below average height?), and when I was a teenager..well no one ever guessed my age right XD
    You write with so much passion, like you have an ‘old soul’, I can’t believe I’ve just found your blog now. I would love to hear what else you have to say! πŸ™‚

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  10. I can relate to this so much. People mistake me for being in middle school when I’m really in high school which I don’t really care about but then everyone I know already looks their age so I understand what you’re feeling☺ Also it’s great that you do things most 13 year olds won’t do because they’re too busy looking good for the world. I appreciate you for thatπŸ’™

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  11. Hi, Gracie! I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to visit yours, and like you said, we’re so much alike. I’m often given weird flances whenever I tell people how old I am (they’re usually off by three years and it irks me a ton sometimes), and despite being the youngest in my grade, I’m also forced up at some of the hardest classes and people judge me. There is absolutely no shame in reading the news and constantly taking in information– ideas are a beautiful thing and are discussed by the greatest minds, just like Eleanor Roosevelt said.

    Anyways, you’ll be seeing me often! I’m going to stick around and continue reading posts. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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    • Hi Abigail! Your blog is absolutely lovely! We seem to be very similar. I’m always reading and thinking and asking questions! I love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote, totally beautiful. Thank you so so much for commenting! I’d love you to stick around. I’ll enjoy to read your posts too.

      Gracie xxx

      Btw, I was wondering if maybe you’d be interested in me writing a guest post for you? Or vice versa? Thanks…


  12. I’ve always been that person who is an adult stuck in a child’s body. Don’t take it as disadvantage, when you grow up it’s actually so useful to think like an adult, because everybody expects you to do so and you already have the experience πŸ˜€

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    • Haha! I was talking to my friend about it and she said what advantages it will when we’re a bit older. It was an amusing conversation and we enjoyed planning the stuff we’d get up to! Thanks for commenting!

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  13. Inner beauty is the thing that matters the most. Outer beauty fades, not to mention can be seen right through as soon as that person opens their mouth. Be the good person you are, always stay true to yourself. God will bring to you the people that will appreciate you, just like He does. God Bless you! πŸ™‚

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