The Long Awaited Part 5 Of ‘A Light In The Darkness’.

Hello Everyone! As you know, I’ve been writing a novel about the battle between light and darkness in this world. Through a dramatic and fast-paced plotline and passionate characters, I hope to be able to help you understand the ways to interact and weave together to form our crazy planet.

This is part five, to read the previous chapters, please click here for number one, here for two, here for three and here for four. Okay, let’s go!

Faith!” I heard a shout from somewhere behind me, I spun round, suddenly alert. My eyes widened as the shout came again. It was a girl’s voice. I recognised it from somewhere.

I darted behind a tree, my heart thudding rhythmically in my chest, my fingers brushed the rough texture of the bark and I pressed my cheek against the trunk until it hurt, forcing myself to remember where I’d heard the voice before.

Then, somewhere amongst the carnage of my brain, I found it. I’d completely forgotten that I was missing, this was one of the girls from the camp calling me. “No.” I whispered fiercely “I won’t be found yet. I’m not finished here.” I closed my eyes and prayed for the Ambassador to find me before they did. There were many voices now, a chorus nearly. They all yelled in unison. I could hear our camp leader, Mr Good , hollering out “One, Two, Three, Now!” and then a horrible noise as twenty five teenagers screamed out my name with all their might.  I shuddered. “Urghhh!”

I wondered whether to run or try and hide. My campmates were getting nearer and I picked at my nails in anxiety. Just then I felt that ghostly light touch on my cheek and looked up into the Ambassador’s smiling face.

I saw hints of boyish excitement in his eyes. The Ambassador really was one of those people who’s eyes are a window to their soul. They show everything, he can’t hide from me and I don’t think he’d want to even if he could.

I could have hugged him. “What’s going on?” he mouthed, making exaggeratedly confused gestures. I actually almost laughed. “It’s the people from my camp, the one you took me from. They must have just noticed that I was gone.” I whispered. He nodded silently and turned away. “It’s okay.” he said quietly. “I understand.”


“I said you can go.”

“Go where?!”

“Just go Faith.”

“Ambassador, I-”

He cut me off. “Faith. I know you want to go back to them and it’s fine. Really it is. I don’t mind. Please just go now.” he pushed me away from him with a strong hand and I stumbled forward, tripping on a tree root and falling head first to the hard ground.

My last memories are of warm, red liquid flowing down my face and of sudden silence, like the calm before the storm. Then of paralysing pain, like something shattering into a million pieces. I heard the Ambassador’s voice, urgent yet distant and I wanted to tell him I’d be ok. But then I realised that maybe I wouldn’t. I drifted off, back into the darkness.



14 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Part 5 Of ‘A Light In The Darkness’.

  1. I completely forgot about Faith’s campmates! 😂 And didn’t think if they would be searching for her. I love how you brought them into the story and made us realize where faith had started off in part 1 (taken from the campsite). I can’t wait to read more, see if Faith’s okay and if the ambassador will come back. 😄💗

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    • I had too until I started writing this! Then I knew I had to include them. 🤣 Thank you! I enjoyed creating this part of the story and I’m glad you liked reading it. I can’t believe people are still reading this and wanting more! It’s beyond words and I can’t express how happy it makes me feel! Thank you so much, Lucy. 💓

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  2. Uh hello? It’s so mean of you keep posting less and less with your further chapters! HEY! You haven’t mentioned the Ambassador’s name. I was SO eager when I opened this, and it ended too soon. (wailing) Actually it’s brilliant. I’m starting to like the Ambassador? 😉 You seriously write INCREDIBLY, and I love your blog. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so sorry!!! Yes, they are getting a bit shorter as they go along. Not purposeful, I promise! It just didn’t fit to reveal the Ambassador’s name yet, you’ll have to wait a little while. 😋 I like the Ambassador too. He’s a great character, if I may say so myself! 😉 Thank you, thank you, thank you, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oooh that is okay. 😋 But whatever it is you’re doing an amazing job at keeping us interested in your story!! And Yeah, true about the Ambassador!!😃 And oh yes I am so eagerly waiting!! I love it. You’re absolutely welcome bae, you deserve it! 😉 By the way, how are you?

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