A Passion For The World Blogging Project Results: Part One!!!


People with Passion can Change the World for the Better

Hello there people!

I want to thank every single person who joined in my A Passion For The World Blogging Project. I never expected to have so many inspiring, touching and, most importantly, passionate pieces of creative writing flooding into my inbox. If I could feature every single one on this blog I would, but unfortunately I am going to have a pick just a few.  I will do a second post within a few days with more!

The ones I have decided to share are not here because they are any better than the others, I just feel that they represent the entire lot of messages that I got beautifully.

So without further ado, I would like to first give you Mukta and her entry:

At one point in time, everyone asks themselves… ‘What is the meaning of life?” And there is no age restriction for this question. It can be a kid or even a sixty-year-old who has taken the time to think about what it means to be alive. They struggle to find a purpose to live, a PASSION.

Does it mean that if you know what my passion is, you know what the meaning of life is? You may say that. Your talents can be passions, things you wouldn’t know how to live without.

When you know that this talent can do good to the world, make something happen, make a CHANGE, and when you know that this is your purpose, a TALENT becomes a PASSION.
My passion, however, does not fit into any of these precepts. It is not a talent, nor is it something that can make the world erupt into a new mindset, nor is it my purpose. Because my passion is to FIND my purpose.

I want to explore myself, get to know myself better and find out what my strengths, weaknesses and motivations are. I want to reach beyond my outer shell and dig through myself, and I want to seek my purpose from where it has always been. I know that I can find it somewhere inside, and finding it, my friend, is my passion.

I cannot live without it because there is no way for me to love myself without it. Without it, I wouldn’t know that I am alive for a reason.

I believe that your passion doesn’t have to be finding life’s worth. Your purpose is a destination, and your passion is a path that takes you there.
You only have to know which path to choose.

Wow! Isn’t that just amazing? Now, onto my dear friend Aqsa and her piece:

1) Writing is my absolute passion, because I can express my thoughts, feelings and opinions on a sheet of paper that is endless. Writing makes me feel as if I can conquer anything negative that comes in my way, which led me to finding my true self that I embrace, today. I struggled with anxiety, and I often placed myself in a negative cloud which seemed to loom over me for about two years, until I discovered writing. Jotting down my thoughts and emotions from back then, has made me the positive person that I am today. Without my writing as a key passion, I don’t think that I would have ever had the courage to start a blog, and share my strong opinions that will hopefully make a difference in changing the world, someday.

2) My passion, writing, is something that I believe will truly change the world, someday. I find a sense of equality, free speech, and true authenticity in myself that lets me share my views and opinions about the world or society, without any hesitation. On my blog, I post “rants” that capture all of these things. I am proud to say that I stand true to what I write, and am confident that the positivity and personal experiences that I incorporate into my content, inspire others and truly do make a positive impact against the negativity that the 21st century portrays. My sense of activism gives me pride for who I am; my passion has given me a chance to spread awareness through my platform, whether if it ranges from Mental Health Awareness, to tackling racism or gender equality. Writing has given me a voice, and I plan on using it to change the world to make a positive difference in any way possible.

She’s brilliant. An utter inspiration to me. Now, my other good friend Lucy and her beautiful piece:

1) My passion is writing. Whether it is a story, a blog post or a to do list. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have an idea for a story eating away at me. I love writing because it doesn’t feel forced, the words just flow out of me whether I want them to or not. I couldn’t live without writing because it feels wrong when I’m doing anything else. When I was little and was just trying to learn how to read but couldn’t get the hang of it, I would pretend I could read perfectly and make up stories that I would later write down.

2. I think I could use my writing to change the world by giving everyone something to escape into: words. Writing and reading helped me take my mind of my chronic pain and I would love to think I could in some way help someone who is in a similar situation and/or needs an escape route. And maybe my writing could spread the word about Undiagnosed Chronic Illness’s so no one in any type of pain is ever alone. And so it is known that even if you don’t know what’s going on inside you and it scares you, you can still stay strong and keep going.

The sense of strength here is absolutely incredible. I’d like to share Lonelymeme and her inspiring message to you all next:

My passion is playing with words. Now this might seem quite odd, I know. ‘What even does playing with words mean?’ It means that I like to do almost everything involved with words; be it writing or speaking, I love doing them both.

All of us, the bloggers, are here to share our opinions and feel comfortable with it. We are here to talk about what feels right and brace ourselves for every other opinion that grows like a branch from the tree of our blog.

I’ve always loved writing. I remember being given a topic weekly for paragraph writing and instead of submitting it the next week, my paragraph would be submitted the next day. I’ve always been imaginative with my writing and one thing that helps me is day dreaming. I day-dream A LOT and usually that’s what appears on the paper or on the screen, that’s what you read on my blog.

I love poetry too. The way the words flow in each line, each stanza is fascinating to me. Poetry gives me the kind of peace and happiness that sometimes ordinary words can’t. I don’t see myself living without having this wonderful hobby, and passion for writing.

I’ve always been a talkative child; a little shy at times but I love putting my views forth. I love forming thoughts that need to see the light of the day, that can have some impact into audible words.

This language, English, has a special place in my life. From it not being my mother tongue and me not wanting to speak it at all to becoming the subject that I love the most, I can safely say that writing and speaking won’t ever stop.

This world: a plethora of thoughts and ideas, cultures and languages, humans and beasts. Our world truly sounds “cool”. We fight, we abuse, we betray, we kill, and yet we have the audacity to stand with pride and say ‘yes, we’re progressing’. Change is needed every once in a while and I know we, as people, can get through whatever hard feelings we have with change and move on- onto a better place, onto a more peaceful place. What we have in common is that we listen, we read, we speak. We might not know what the best for us is but we know that if someone guides us through the tunnel, it won’t be long till we find the first ray of light. We’re so different, yet the same.

I’m not saying I can change each one of you by using my magical powers that I learnt outside Hogwarts (dear ministry of magic, can I be a professor for this power? ), but even if a small fragment of people are affected by my words then I believe the world’s already a better place. It takes one man to change the world but the worth of that man- how right he is and how everything he does can affect the world in a positive way- holds importance. I am no magician, no daughter of Aphrodite; I can’t manipulate the world to fall to my feet and do as I say but I can help change the world by supporting what’s right and speaking about it.

I truly believe words possess the kind of power that no other entity in this world does and I’m proud to be lured into its strong reach.

This is beyond words. I cannot express how beautiful I think this is. I relate to it so much. Too much.

Okay, next!!! It’s the wonderful May and her passion:

My absolute passion is writing. I will never ever stop loving to write, or talking with other writers. It’s not just writing novels either (though that’s my biggest passion in writing). It’s just the novelty of expression, of using my voice. I love just having the words flow right out of me — and that’s writing. I couldn’t live without this because this is my way of expression and voice. It’s my outlet.

I can use my passion to change the world to write stories or poems or articles that address issues. In articles, it would be informative and talk directly of those problems. In poems, I can be creative with wording and spacing, etc., to get a certain message across that can resonate with people. And in stories, the issue might be direct (like a contemporary novel), but most of the time, since I write fantasy, it would be an underlying message. For example, I write a fantasy about how one race is being hunted for something, and that would address racism.

I loved this so much. Go May! Isn’t she creative? (And super lovely?) Now, this is the last one featured in this post and it is Maggie! Here’s her brilliant piece:

My absolute passion is writing.

This is because I have been writing stories since I was eight, and blogging since I was ten! I’m seventeen years old, so I have enjoyed writing, both stories and online articles, for nearly a decade.

I love expressing myself through the characters I create and the books that I put them in. I also love writing articles to inspire others, to make people laugh, and just to overall spread positivity in all of the writing that I do. If I had to go for a long length of time and not be able to write in one form or another, that would make me very sad! Getting to share my thoughts in that way – creative writing, journaling, blog post writing, story creating – has always been enjoyable for me.

I could use my passion to change the world by inspiring others through my writing. Like I mentioned above, I enjoy motivating and inspiring others through what I write, whether that’s fiction or nonfiction. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face, or stir up the desire within them to make a positive change in their life, then I have done what I can do to slowly change the world in the main way that I know how. ❤

Again, thank you everyone! You’re all winners! Keep going with your passions and dreams! We CAN change the world. If you’d like to write a post saying that you took part and won and/or were featured in this post, please do!

I’ll share a couple more in A Passion For The World Blogging Project Results: Part Two!!!



What did you think? Did you like this blog project? Did you relate to any of these pieces? What is your passion and how do you feel that you can use it to change the world? Please let me know! See you later…



42 thoughts on “A Passion For The World Blogging Project Results: Part One!!!

  1. Wow the amount of motivation I feel from reading this is insane!! Mukta’s passion is so inspirational and Aqsa, Lonelymeme, May and Maggie’s words are so beautiful! 😄 Thank you so much Gracie!!! 😄💗

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  2. Those are really beautiful words! It was really a pleasure to have read this. Having to know different perception about passion and purpose is really beautiful ❤ this is really one of the best projects

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness. Mukata’s is so inspirational. 😍💚💜 Thank you so much for sharing mine, and all of these other great pieces of writing, Gracie! This project is absolutely amazing! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Mukta. Is a very passionate writer and puts forward a lot of amazing ideas about life. As she says whether you are a kid or a sixty year old everyone struggles at times. Aqsa. Writing is a great way to express ones feelings. Well done Aqsa. Lucy. Well done to Lucy who gets comfort for her chronic pain by writing and hopes to inspire others in a similar situation. Gracie reading all these stories from all these people has certainly given me a lot to think about. Well done to everyone who takes part. Xxxxx

    Liked by 2 people

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