A Passion For The World Blogging Project: Part 2!

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You have given me hope and showed me that we can unite and make a difference if we try. I am just a young girl who wanted to do something. Something that would draw young, passionate and inspirational bloggers together. And we have achieved, thanks to you.

I have discovered just how beautiful and incredible our passions are. I never ever expected so many people to share them, along with their ideas and loyal support for this project. You have brought us together and created a sense of belonging amongst bloggers. That’s so precious to me. Thank you all again.

I received too many awesome entries to crammed them into one post. Today, I’m here to share a few more in part 2! 🤣😁

I’m going to start with someone who sent me an unbelievable entry. Her words really summed up the purpose of this project. I was actually really emotional after reading it. I give you the wonderful Lee

Like many of us here in the blogging community, I’ve always had a strong passion for reading and writing. Growing up, my childhood wasn’t the best, and all of the tragedies contributed to me being more isolated, reserved, and quiet about my feelings or opinions. But this also caused me to be more observant of people and my surroundings, it helped me become more in tune with myself and writing became my natural flow. I kept diaries where I would write my feelings and what I would like to say to people who I felt I never could in person. I also kept notebooks where I would write short stories and poetry, song lyrics. It all came natural, it all made me feel good. I amazed myself. From then on I could always count on getting lost in a good book, and getting inspiration to write my own. I could always count on releasing my emotions safely. Reading and writing became my therapy. But can inspiration be a passion as well? I’d say I have a HUGE passion for inspiring others and being inspired. You can gather inspiration from almost anything in the world, nature, music, pictures, the news, you name it! There is always something to be inspired by.

I can and I will use my passion to change the world by inspiring others through my work to encourage and inspire others, to be more in tune with themselves and the world around them, and to be more loving and caring. I want my work to not only bring people closer to themselves, but closer with friends/family, closer to nature, and closer to their creative sides. Everyone has something they can bring to the table, everyone has something unique about them that they can share with the world to make it a better place. The more we share the more we’ll realize we’re more alike than different. Uplifting each other is far more beneficial than putting each other down.

Absolutely stunning. So honest and true and real. Yet this conveys so much genuine passion. Now I want to share the next incredible piece. It comes from Clara

My absolute passion, why I love it and why I couldn’t live without it:

My passion is photography. I love to capture the amazing things that are happening all around me and I don’t think I could bear watching those moments pass without capturing them in a photograph. I take my camera everywhere with me and have taken many thousands of photographs since I got my first camera.

How I think I could use my passion to change the world:

I would love to be a photographer for an organization like World Vision or Prison Fellowship International that helps kids in awful situations all around the world. They need photographers to capture the poverty these kids are living in so that people who want to help can see what it’s like in these places.

It takes a special person to have such a noble desire. I hope you get to fulfil it, Clara. Thank you for sending this in! Now for one from my friend Smilingdreamer

Hey There! My absolute passion is blogging. Words can’t describe the happiness, delight & comfort that blogging brings to my life. It’s such a great feeling just to write a post where you can share your thoughts & feelings, or talents & interests, or just offer/ask some advice with everyone out there!

What is even more rewarding is getting comments from various bloggers out there in the world who contribute to the discussion & share their opinions! I’ve only been blogging for 7 months now – but I’ve grown so so attached to my blog & the whole WordPress community! Everyone is just so genuinely kind & caring! I believe that blogging could absolutely change the world because when you share your honest feelings or some useful life tips with the whole world online…people will surely get inspired, motivated & happy to take the right track in life, be positive, or also share their own thoughts & be more open! I find this to be truly important & one of my main goals when it comes to blogging!

It’s simply beautiful to be able to express yourself through your own unique blog & spread your individuality & creativity all over the world as well as influence, stimulate & energize others to do the same! Blogging is a blessing in disguise for me!

I’ve managed to make tons of new friends online & I’m much happier and relaxed since I’ve started blogging! I think everyone would agree with me about how much enthusiasm & excitement blogging provides to the world!

This makes me smile. Now, I’d like to share one from a budding writer, Mirra

My passion is writing. Writing makes me me. I get to create new ideas, make new writer friends and basically ANYTHING. My writing can make YOU READERS feel happy, sad, angry, etc. I can express my thoughts to the WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE. Writing lets me manipulate others’ viewpoints. I’ll make the world a better place by using my passion. I’ll clearly express my points and even put them in a story to create an awareness on recent issues.

This may be short, but it’s fiery, and I like that. 😉 Now, next it’s the turn of Nabila

My absolute passion? Blogging one hundred percent. For me blogging started as something I would do when I was bored and had nothing to do. It has grown to so so much more than that though. Blogging has become something that describes me and really makes me, me. I love it because it is a way for me to share my crazy ideas and maybe help people in the process. It is a way for me to voice my thoughts and actually have people respond. My readers and just the community is so amazing and kind and generous that you almost always have someone to talk or that will understand what you are talking about. If I was for some reason banned from blogging I would probably break down. It is what I do when I am not doing school or eating or sleeping. It is something I am proud of but always thinking of how I can improve. If I try I could do totally make a difference with my blog as that is my goal. The internet is a big place with so many ideas floating around. It is where so so many things get started. People go to the internet when they have no other place to go. I could use my passion to change the world for the better my making people see more kindness and to be kinder themselves.

This girl makes some seriously good points. I can relate to everything she mentions. Her passion for blogging definitely shines through. Next it’s a lovely girl called Jirah Merizz

1. My absolute passion would be writing, whether it be a journal entry, a poem, a blog post or such. I can’t live without having nothing to write. My mind has full of questions, thoughts, random ramblings and I honestly could make a novel about it all. Kidding, but seriously, writing is my comfort zone. It makes me get to know myself better and I am just so glad to find another platform where I could share what I write– which is my blog. Writing also makes me express the things I can’t say out loud– having anxiety and depression, writing has helped me a lot and is still helping me so much.

2. I could help the world change by inspiring people through my words and my works. I could honestly write about what I see in the world, the problems, lack of peace and love that I know someone, somewhere out there will be interested to read it and to share the words. The people in our world lacks understanding, and by writing, I can make their eyes open and see what’s really wrong. I know for a fact that some would criticise me for the world is so full of critics, but I’m not losing hope that someone who have read my words will make a step and make a change. And every word, story or a piece that I write is all for God’s glory.

Wow! What a great example of passion! Finally, we have the lovely LifeOfAngela

Okay wow, pressure. I think my passion at the moment is definitely blogging. I’ve had many others, but none have stuck as long as this. I love having this creative outlet where I can share my thoughts, experiences and memories. I love that I’m able to connect with so many people around the world, I have met so many amazing people and discovered so much about the world, through other people’s writing and experiences. It’s pushed me to think more creatively, and to get back into other hobbies and interests, like photography, baking, reading, and definitely writing!

I’m trying to think how I can use blogging to change the world. I would love to leave my mark on the world, and I think this is a good avenue. It will stay online forever (I’m assuming), so my thoughts, life and memories will stay too. I hope that someone can read it and it brings a smile on their face. I’m a positive person, and I like to think this comes through in my writing. I don’t know if I can make a change in a big, impactful way, my blog doesn’t have that reach yet. But maybe one day? 🙂


Love this. 😄

Okay! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. How do these messages make you feel? Do you have a passion to share? Thank you all once again….



27 thoughts on “A Passion For The World Blogging Project: Part 2!

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this post!! I really love this project of yours and I hope many more would submit their answers to you! I loved reading everything so I’m gonna go check out some new blogs to me. Thank you so much again and I hope you’re having a lovely lovely day!!! 💗

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  2. Thankyou so much for including my entry & for doing this incredible project! ❤️ I seriously enjoyed reading the other fabulous bloggers talking about their passions, as well as discovering new blogs!😍😍 AWESOME project – I LOVE it! 👏👏Thanks Again! 😊❤️

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  3. Gracie what a lot of very inspirational writing all these people have done. It was a pleasure to read.So many different reasons for writing and putting into words their feelings well done to everyone xxxxx


  4. Everyone who has contributed is totally awesome. Well done to all and to you, Gracie for collecting all the articles. I am constantly amazed and humbled by everyone’s thoughts and perspective on life and at such young ages. I have a passion for natural health that I’m now lucky enough to be able to work with everyday, including writing. It took me a long time to find my passion, but I never gave up, took many turns on my journey and am now where I want to be. Once again well done to EVERYONE and keep up all your hard work xxx

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  5. These are all sooo so so beautiful! It took me a while to read it all but every word was worth it, and you could clearly see how similar many of us are, relating in so many ways having the same passions. It’s such a wonderful feeling meeting or being around/involved with so many people who share the same interests and talents, especially when it’s inspiring 💗

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