Gracie’s Guide To The 2017 UK General Election Results


Hey there guys!

As some of you know, I have a job as a researcher for the inspirational Liv, the young creator of theCramm, a movement aimed at empowering and informing today’s youth. You can read more about my role and theCramm here.

Today, I sent Liv an in-depth guide to my country’s recent General Election results. I wanted theCramm’s readers and subscribers to understand what’s been happening and be inspired to try to make a change.

I’ve tried to include a bit of humour and sarcasm and I hope that you’ll all enjoy and learn from this short guide.

Please do note that it contains some of my personal opinions and that I do not wish to offend anyone. I welcome different ideas and thoughts and am happy to listen to others and discuss anything with you all!

Okay, so here goes:

The UK General Election of 2017 (which sounds really grand and pompous, but actually ended up in an enormously embarrassing mess for certain people) came out with some surprising results. In short, we ended up with what’s called a ‘hung parliament’.
A ‘hung parliament’ is when no party gets enough seats to technically ‘win’ the election. 
There are two things you can choose to believe about how these results came about:
1) All the parties were just too AWESOME to choose one!
2) Um, all the parties were just too RUBBISH to choose one! 
I know which one I’ve got my money on. 
You could choose to be hopeful and optimistic about these results, believing that something good will come out of this, or you could feel worried and confused about the political chaos that our country is dealing with right now. Again, I know which best describes my feelings. 
There are many options for what could happen now. Our government is currently completely out of action, as no one is rightfully in power. 
Theresa May, our former prime minister and current leader of the Conservative Party, has lost her winning majority and probably wishes she’d never suggested a ‘snap election’ in the first place. It was expected that she would win with flying colours and confirm that she was a strong leader to take us through Brexit, but she failed to reach the minimum amount of seats to be re-elected.
Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party won the votes of a lot of young people, coming a close second in the polls. I think that this is because young people are more concerned with change that our older generations. Mr Corbyn certainly offers drastic change.  He is now calling for Mrs May to step down and resign. 
Realistically, the chances of becoming prime minister for these two party leaders are high. They are the still the main candidates. 
They now have the options of either going to our monarch, The Queen, and getting permission to form a minority government or….. Hey, wait! What exactly is a ‘minority government’? 
A ‘minority government’ is where the party in power has the most seats, but less than half of the total. It means that the government is also made up of MPs from other parties, meaning they also get a say in running the nation.
Other options include a coalition between parties or one main party attempting to go it alone. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen. One thing’s for sure though, the future of our country looks pretty perilous. 
What are your thoughts on these results? Did you find my guide helpful? Amusing? Do you have an opinion on the political events that happened? Comment discussions especially welcome! Thanks for reading, people!

16 thoughts on “Gracie’s Guide To The 2017 UK General Election Results

  1. Ooh god. ARE YOU REALLY JUST THIRTEEN ??!! This sounds so professional and newspaper like. Oooh it’s brilliant. And personally, I did not really support Brexit and kind of took Cameron’s side. And I of course did not like it when he resigned. As for now, I dont really know if we can draw any conclusions. But, I somehow don’t think it will be May in the post, again. Well, just like you’ve said. What was your opinion on Brexit?

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    • Haha! Yes, I am. How old are you, may I ask? I see the good and bad in Brexit and think it will affect different people in different ways, positive and negative. It’s great to hear your opinions. Thanks so much for such a lovely comment, my friend!

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      • Ooh yess you are so right about that! Brexit does have it’s own good and bad effects on different people. And friends don’t thank each other, do they? 😃😃😆 (grin) It was a great post. And I am just a year older than you. 😉 Going on 15.

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  2. That was so well written Gracie!! For someone outside of the country and who is not well versed in foreign government I was able to understand the results and what they mean for the country perfectly. You had just the right touch of humor that was engaging. I personally don’t know what side of this Id be on, but Brexit to me certainly resembled the election of Trump in that people wanted great change and baffled everyone by creating that change. I hope things work out, I’m quite interested to see what will happen especially thanks to this post!!

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    • Thank you so much, Grace! That means the world to me!!! I’m glad I was able to shed some light on this subject for you! I totally agree about Brexit and Trump, I feel exactly the same way. Thanks again, my friend!

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  3. You explained this so well! The only time I hear about current affairs is in school, and since it’s now summer, it’s been hard keeping up what’s going on in the world. The general election in the U.K. has always been a whirl today, but this post did help make things easier! Thank you so much, Gracie!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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    • Thank you, Abigail! Yeah, I think it’s the same for a lot of young people. I really recommend keeping up to date with current affairs, it makes you feel like you have some sort of control of your future, it allows you to have some great discussions with adults who are surprised at how knowledgeable you are! I’m glad I could help you understand some of this crazy election!

      It’s a pleasure to share this guide with you.


  4. Gracie you never cease to amaze me. Such a good write up about the election and for one so young you put it all together so well.keep it up .xxxxx


  5. Dear Gracie,. I have read your analysis of the current political position , not very encouraging for people of your generation is it . I would find your opinion of the two main people very interesting, I mean an in depth look into their personalities and political beliefs, this would make very interesting reading, being the exchange of ideas between an 80 year old and a 13 year old person Maybe I might be able to get you interested in my long held opinions


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