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Hey Guys!

I got really positive comments on my guide to the UK General Election that I shared with you all a few days ago, you can read it here. I’ve written a few more sarcastically​ humourous and informative guides for my friend Liv from theCramm since. I thought they might be helpful to you all (and make you smile!) Hope you enjoy…!

Firstly, here’s one on the current Brexit situation:

Okay, last year (2016) our former prime minister, David Cameron, decided to hold a referendum on whether we, in the UK, should leave the European Union. This was soon named ‘Brexit’, think of it as a ship-name for Britain and Exit. 
There have been massive debates over the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the European Union for years and it all sort of came to a head in 2016, with many people wanting us to leave the EU behind and go it alone. Da da da! Anyway, even though Cameron backed Remain (in the EU) himself, he was under immense pressure from fellow politicians and members of the British public to hold this referendum and he had to agree. 
A whole lotta people were mighty surprised when they woke up on the 24th June to find out that we had voted for Brexit. Yay. 
*Note my lack of exclamation marks. 
Brexit affects different people in different ways, both positively and negatively. It’s really difficult to know what side to be on, especially when you care about all the citizens of our country equally. 
For example, our young people won’t be able to study abroad so easily if we leave the EU, it won’t be great for UK citizens living permeantly in other parts of Europe either. But then, there was one poster, made by supporters of Vote Leave, that stated that we pay the EU 50 million pounds a day, their suggestion was to spend it on the NHS (National Health System) which is currently suffering from lack of funds. 
Right, we’ve time-traveled back to the future again. It’s almost a whole year later and we’re not exactly much further down the line. Well, Cameron’s stepped down and Theresa May has taken his place as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party. She was all set to go through the Brexit negotiations and emerge triumphant, when something threw it all off course. 
Mrs May wanted to ‘confirm’ her strong leadership and the fact that she had the clear majority and backing from the public. So what did she do? She held a ‘snap election’, several years before it was due to take place. And guess what?! She lost….badly. Oops. Please read this guide on the General Election to find out more:
So Brexit’s on hold….again. Our government is completely out of action and there’s nothing anyone can do until it gets itself back together again. 
David Cameron, who’s been keeping quiet (ish) over the past year, has now spoken up with a bit of advice for his successor, Mrs May. Aw, how nice. He says that she’ll have to “consult more widely” and “listen to other parties” now that she has lost the election and her power. 
People are also saying that there will be pressure for a ‘softer’ Brexit, now that Mrs May has lost her precious majority. A ‘soft’ Brexit is where we keep friendly relationships (and the odd trade deal!) with the EU. Whereas a ‘hard’ Brexit is complete independence (even with trade). 
I think everyone’s just sick and tired of all this messing about. The general opinion seems to be *sigh* “Let’s just get it over with.” *sigh*   
I wrote this next one this morning, it’s on the NHS hacking crisis:
It’s May and it’s springtime. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and major computer systems all over the world are failing….big time. Especially the UK health system (the NHS). The affects are massive and many essential organisations are totally unable to function properly, we are in chaos. 
So, what could possibly have caused this turmoil? Hackers, that’s what.
Hackers created a sort of computer virus called WannaCry, which swept across the globe, locking computers and then demanding a ransom. Threats were made to destroy all files if the money was not paid. Uh oh! This crippled the NHS, messing up their whole database.
Okay, in the past few hours information on the suspected culprits has been released. It is said that these hackers are based in North Korea and form a cybercrime (online crime) group called Lazarus. 
The group have a whole lotta history when it comes to serious international crimes. In 2014, they are believed to have hacked Sony Pictures, just days before a movie about the leader of N. Korea was due for release. Hmmmm, weird or what?! 
They’ve also been suspected to have robbed banks in the past, a few years ago North Korean hackers were linked to the robbery of $81 million dollars from a bank in Bangladesh. 
So yeah, things aren’t looking too great for these guys. Oh, except for the fact that they’ve made off with an absolute ton of dosh in the past month or so. 
It’s difficult to guess the motives of some hackers, sometimes they use their techno-whizz super skills to protest against something they feel is wrong. Sometimes they are attempting to steal information for their own country, like modern-day espionage. But the reasons that these hackers have is relatively obvious: money. It has been suggested that, because they live in a harsh, communist nation, they are desperate for funds. 
But that wouldn’t explain their motives for hacking Sony Pictures, does it? Perhaps they are loyal to their leader and didn’t want him to be portrayed negatively? Or maybe he paid them to do it? Perhaps it wasn’t even them? 
I know this guide has posed a lot of questions, but I hope it has been able to explain a few too. Thanks for reading!

See you all later…!

Do you keep up to date with current affairs? Are you inspired to make a change? Did you laugh out loud at my guides? Please leave me a comment….


6 thoughts on “Gracie’s Guides To The World Around Us

  1. One line: I AM IMPRESSED. TRULY.
    P.S I love such posts, about the current news and such. Every morning I wish I had more time to read every article in the paper. takes hours really. So how do I sign up for theCramm? It’s sounded amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed. You can visit theCramm’s website to sign up and read more:

      I am the researcher behind the newsletters, Liv does a brilliant job, you’ll love them and you’ll definitely know more about what’s happening in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes I sure will!! Thanks! 😃 And oohh. So you give her the details and the string of news and she puts it down in her words. That’s how it goes right? Is it the same for this post too?

        Its brilliant! So how did you get to know about Liv and end up at theCramm?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yay! Please do. Yup, basically. I do research AND write the guides myself (like these), but Liv does the newsletters that are sent out daily.

        I know Liv through our blogging circles, she used to blog. We’re good friends now and chat all the time.

        P.S. Do you wanna do a guest post for me? I was just looking for people and thought maybe you’d be interested? Let me know. You can read the details here:


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