‘Sharing Our Strength’: A Guest Post By Elsie!

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Hello everybody! As I said before, I want this blog to be a place where young people can share, discuss and challenge their thoughts, ideas and honest feelings. I asked my blogging friends to contribute to this and today I’ve got a brilliant guest post from Elsie .Yay! Thank you! So, here it goes:

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well! Before I start this post I would like to say a massive thank you to Gracie for letting me do a guest post on her blog! I chose to write my perspective on an aspect of our world that is changing/becoming more apparent with the help of social media.

There are a lot of horrible and appalling things taking place in the world every day because of people who, for whatever reason, believe they have the right to put other people’s lives in danger. This is a known fact and the thing that keeps people going after tragic events is the strength of those around them and not only those around them, but on social media too. Things have changed in how we don’t back down in times of fear. How we react to it. Yes, I am talking about Ariana Grande’s One Love Concert and how the image of people uniting and remembering lives lost was shared and spread across the world, showing those who choose to hurt others that we are stronger than they think. The concert was put on YouTube for those who could not view it other ways or wanted to remember it and in that way the memory never dies.

It will always be known that the good in the world is by far more powerful, as it is so easy to view on social media. In areas of terror where fear should radiate, it doesn’t. Life goes on for the people who’s brave actions strike a change in our world, reminding us of what it is like to be loved and what love truly means. Something happens on the other side of the world and the platform in which the news is shared becomes home to prayers for those hurt. People who will most likely never meet each other are there to hold each other up. Could this kind of thing even be dreamed of say 20 years ago? Of course social media is home to some spiteful people and content but the good by far outweighs the bad in bringing about a silent change to our world. I’m not saying that people used to live in fear before social media, only that what keeps us from falling apart as humans is that the fear is conquered right in front of us and we can actually see what’s going on together so as to stay strong. The blogging community is a fair example of this sense of friendship!

I don’t think the world will ever be perfect as nothing is. There are always new boundaries to set and overcome but the fact that the world/life can be altered by our actions and the way we react to what is happening around us brings us closer to a more realistic “perfect” and that is incredible in itself!

To me, this is a display of hope, optimism and compassion from a young person who truly believes in humankind. This is so refreshing after all the negativity, hate, anger and division in our world today. Perhaps it is our society, which is filled with these things, that causes the actions of these terrorists that Elsie speaks of. Maybe it is the feeling of being lonely, bitter and lost that makes them do the things they do. I don’t know. Whatever happens, our world has to change and our generation has to be the ones who make that difference.

Anyone who’s interested in guest-posting for me, please click here

What are your thoughts on social media? Positive or negative? Please leave all of your opinions and thoughts in the comments section, people! Thank you! 



26 thoughts on “‘Sharing Our Strength’: A Guest Post By Elsie!

  1. Yes I definitely agree that our society probably causes some of the actions of terrorists. They don’t understand how we can all still stay strong together and so feel cut off from it. I reckon they would rather be cut off from peace than be a part of it. The easy thing for them to do is become a part of all the evil so they grab it with open hands knowing the consequences for others. It is easier to go in the wrong direction in life as it takes time for them to find kindness and they cannot be bothered. Thank you sooo much for letting me do a guest post!! 😄 Have a lovely day 💗

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    • Interesting points, Elsie! I really don’t know. I think that it’s difficult to understand the motives of these people. I think that they feel so lost and then someone comes along and offers them a purpose, they jump at the opportunity, even though it is extreme violence. I think the really bad ones are the people that take advantage to angry young people and turn them into terrorists. What do you think? It’s such a pleasure! Any day! You too.

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      • Yeah it is difficult. My mum often says if you knew how some people think, you’d be in trouble yourself. As I guess there is no sane reasoning behind it. Yes they do exploit people who are lost and looking for something to do with their lives that could leave an impact. It’s all so scary to think about, especially as it starts to happen more and after yesterday too. Feels like a false hope but I hope terrorists see that people are not going to stand down and give up their lives with fear 💗

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      • Yeah. I think that you’re mum is definitely right. I totally agree with you there. It seems like it’s happening so much lately, our crazy world is spiralling out of control….. It is certainly very scary when you think about it, but it makes me want to make a change even more.

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  2. The thing about the changes.
    When I look at all the changes in recent years the, technology change to be specific, it has done no bad neither has it done good for a change is a change not for good and not for bad just for a difference, each change is just part of the world’s learning curve but not learning to be good or bad but just getting better at being good and bad for the world needs a balance of good and bad and that balance is within us to.
    I don’t know if this makes any sense, I see holes in what I have just said but the holes seem to be filled with blobs of truth.

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  3. Fabulous guest post, Elsie! I personally don’t think social media is amazing, but I don’t think it’s horrible. It has its pros and cons, like everything else. I LOVE how it brings people together, but it can also tear people apart as well. However, I can’t speak from experience, as I’m not allowed to have any social media haha!

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    • Wasn’t it?! *virtual high five* I totally agree with you over social media and I don’t have it either. I often see the negative in it, but Elsie had shown me a glimmer of light. Looking forward to your guest post, May! Thank you so much! 😀😀😀

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  4. Sometimes I dislike social media because really dumb things like celebrity drama are exaggerated, but the real ness of what happens after a tragic event– the love and support sent out those those affected– it does give a bit of hope. ^.^ Logely guest post!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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