Why Does It Matter?*

*Warning: If you do not wish to enter the mind of a crazy, philosophical, teenage writer with BIG questions and even more BIG ideas, a burning desire to make a difference and passion and determination like you’ve never seen before, I suggest you turn back now. If you are even remotely interested/intrigued, please read on…!
“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.” 

One simple statement. Why would my opinion matter? Why would your opinion matter? Why would anyone want to know what anyone else thought? Those are the questions I’m asking. In this world, which is almost as crazy as the one in existence within my mind, it doesn’t seem to matter what anyone else thinks or cares about.

Our world is very muddled up at the moment, everything seems to be in political and moral chaos. As someone who is aware of current affairs, I see all the hate, confusion, greed, anger, bitterness, prejudice, my list could go on. It makes me feel helpless, but with a great responsibility, as the next generation, to replace these with peace, trust and light. But, I do believe in deeds not words, we must take action.

Sorry about this jumble of words, I usually try to articulate myself carefully, but today I just had to be honest and pour everything out. So yeah, apologies.

Please get in touch through the comments, I’m sure everyone has equally crazy ideas and thoughts. I wonder what YOU all think? Let me know….! 



16 thoughts on “Why Does It Matter?*

  1. You’re very right Gracie. The world is a very muddled place and people are putting money and things above care for others and being a part of the place we live. We seem to have got to a place where (as you say) things matter more than people and the earth and its resources are just there for the taking. It makes me very sad, particularly for young people like yourself. I’m pleased you’re so aware of these issues as the world will need your passion, enthusiasm and care to ensure all the wonders and resources remain available for future generations. Keep asking questions, the answers will come xxx

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  2. Oh, Gracie, your vision never ceases to awe me! You are an AMAZING girl with a big future — I can tell — and I have a feeling that you will do WONDERFUL things in the world. Look at these beautiful words, aiming to make the world so much better at twelve-years-old! ❤

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  3. I do agree that our world has become a place where politics and morals bubble to the surface more. I was reading through the comments section of this video that had nothing to do with either of the two and here goes a bunch of comments attacking someone because their either liberal or conversative. I seriously applaud you every time, because you’re so aware about what’s going on in current affairs and like May said, you’re going to do wonderful things in the future. ❤

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  4. Hi Gracie! I like your thinking and inquisitive spirit. Caring is so essential and so human, yet it seems most people only care about themselves and think their opinions and wants and needs should be considered before anybody else’s. I know it’s not everybody who is this way, but most people I come into contact with or who I see over the internet are either too concerned with themselves or are too indifferent and are not concerned enough with anyone else’s ideas. I think there should be some balance. You should not give away who you are and what you believe in just because of someone else unless there is good reason, but you must be able to respect somebody else who has a much different opinion than yours. The question is, how much are you willing to respect someone’s opinion when you are so passionate about your own? And you see their opinion as an opposition to the advancement of what you believe in? I struggle with this as a deeply religious person. I aim to respect and love, but also educate and hope for conversion. How must I do this? It’s why you see people angry with religious people because the radicals are too pushy but then you have people chastising the religious who don’t do anything because they don’t want to cause a problem. I wonder if anyone else grapples with this problem? I never want to push anyone out of what they believe in. It’s a confusing situation for me!

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    • Hi Grace,
      WOW! This comment is absolutely incredible. I always wanted people to leave comments like this and I encourage anyone reading this to give their opinions too.

      Firstly, I totally agree with you, there HAS to be a balance between defending your own passionate opinions and being open-minded. You should listen to others and care about what affects them, and not just you. I think that a lot of people nowadays are only concerned about one small minority of people, not the entire world.

      I am not a religious person, but I do have a strong faith and ideas. I see the importance of acceptance and tolerance, but also of trying to show others what you feel the truth is. I see how we can learn from each other and share thoughts.

      I really appreciate all your words, Grace. This is on of the best comments I’ve EVER received and I hope it will spark a conversation! Thank you so much.

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  5. You are right Gracie people were created to bring love and peace and things were created to be used. Buy people have created all this chaos all over the world.hopefully your generation will make the world a better place.If you all speak up who knows ? Xxxxx


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