300 Followers (Looking Back On My Blogging Journey)

Thank you. I actually can’t say much more. I may be a writer, but there are some times where these two simple words are the best way to express my gratitude. Every single heartfelt, genuine, inspiring comment you leave, every follow, every like, has made this blog what it is today.

I honestly wish I could give a shout out to every single one of you who’s made my journey unique and beautiful to be on. But there are hundreds of you and I cannot possibly reach out to you all, but even by you reading this now, it is making my day.

So, thank you.

Sitting here now, I wonder if I’ve achieved any of those crazily ambitious hopes I had when I began blogging? Have I really made any difference to anyone’s life? Have I become A Light In The Darkness, like I desperately wanted to? Have I been honest with myself?

Maybe not. I don’t know. I feel tinges of sadness, yet I’ve enjoyed every minute of this journey, every step. It’s opened up so many doors, given me amazing opportunities and I’ve made the best friends ever.

I’d like to celebrate in some way. If you can think of anything particularly special that ties in with the theme of this blog, please let me know. I thought maybe we could have a blog party? Or I could launch another blogging project? It’s absolutely up to you, my readers. I’m giving you the choice. Comment below.

I’m worried that I haven’t always been myself on here and one of my goals is to be totally me. I am naturally a serious person, but I’m young and I need to have some fun sometimes. Be more light-hearted. I hide in my computer, reading, writing, thinking. I never think about how it affects my family and those who love me. I feel the same way about this blog.

Being A Light In The Darkness isn’t about being articulate and serious all the time, it’s about being fun and spreading sunshine.

I promise there’ll be more of that!

See you all later, talk soon and thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥️♥️♥️

Lots of love,



59 thoughts on “300 Followers (Looking Back On My Blogging Journey)

  1. This is absolutellyy amazingg!! I actually honestly just LOVE your blog (TRULY ❤) and it’s all thanks to you!!! Congrats Gracie!! And how about a blog party? 😉

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  2. Congratulations!! 😄🎉 You have most definitely made a difference through your blog in people’s life’s! The amount of posts you have written that I can relate to and am left feeling positive and motivated by, and like I can make a change in some way with my passion. If I am impacted that way I bet many have been alongside me. Maybe you could do a blog party with a project incorporated like a story continuation where each person who joins the party has to write the first line to a story and every one else who joins has to add to others stories and start their own? (Don’t think I’m making sense 🙈😂). Hope you have a brilliant day! 💗

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  3. I am totally convinced you have made a great impact on a lot of people’s lives with your blogging.Never put yourself down you have so much to give but as you say you must also have some fun. Stay the way you are xxxxx

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  4. Congratulations on 300, Gracie! You are absolutely deserving. 🙂
    You’re right. I can’t be completely myself on my blog. I can’t express my thoughts or any complicated feelings because I think too much about what that will make me look like before my readers. Which is a terrible thing. I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, right?
    It’ll be a challenge. But I will do it. I will show myself as who I am, because I’ve met so many amazing bloggers and I feel they deserve to know me as… me. I’m pretty much the only person who knows myself that way, and maybe my mom can be an exception.
    In any case, blogging has been a great refuge. Maybe I can’t let anything out, but it keeps my insides calm and productive. I need that. I hope I see you blogging as long as I’m here, because I enjoy your posts immensely and can relate to them so much. It’s like having someone who can actually make head or tail out of me.
    Thank you for being such an amazing blogger, Gracie. The world could do with more such bloggers. Wish you wonderful days ahead. 🙂

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    • Hey Mukta,
      Thank you so much! Okay, *clears throat* may I just say that you may be one of the BEST blogging friends I have? And that you are absolutely lovely and amazing and EVERYTHING? I appreciate you so much.

      But yes, I can relate. I want to be myself more and be honest on my blog. I am afraid, like you say. And it’s wrong, totally wrong. I do feel as though I owe it to my readers to know who I am and see my flaws. I’m definitely not perfect (or even close) but I seem to semi-consciously ignore my weaknesses, unless I focus on them. It’s hard.

      But we can do this together, Mukta. I believe we can. Why don’t we do a collab on honesty?

      I’m so so glad that someone relates to my ramblings. I’d actually like to hear some of yours?

      Thanks for all your kind words, my friend. You’re fantastic. Xxxx

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