Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change (An Equation That Can Mean Only One Thing: Another Blogging Project)


I told you we’d celebrate with something special, didn’t I? Something fun and light-hearted, yet still staying true to the purpose of A Light In The Darkness?

I had a bit of a dilemma, but I really hope that you guys like what I’ve chosen. My blogging project A Passion For The World seemed to inspire so many people to think about how they could use the things they love to change the world. I saw the power of this creative project, the joy and the purpose it gave all my blogging friends. I want to give you another opportunity to feel this way. So……….

Without further ado, I present my NEW blogging project: Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change 

Here are the steps you follow, it’s simple.

  • Sign up for the project by emailing me at If you like, you can invite a couple of other bloggers to participate by sharing the links to their blogs with me.


  • I will assign pairs, based in which bloggers I think will work well together.


  • You must then collaborate to come up with a campaign idea for using blogging to change the world. Note: if you don’t want to be in direct contact with other bloggers then I suggest you don’t sign up for this. Unless you can think of another way to do it…?


  • You can then present your campaign idea to me and I will launch the winning ones on my blog!

Tip:  They can be interactive (like an award) or they can be raising awareness of something, let your imagination flow like a waterfall…..!

I hope this gets you excited and inspired!

Now, there were a few of you who wanted a blog party and, I must admit, it sounds pretty fun. So gone on, leave a comment and join the party! Tell us about yourself, chat and interact, visit new blogs, have fun and SMILE!


109 thoughts on “Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change (An Equation That Can Mean Only One Thing: Another Blogging Project)

  1. I’m kicking off this party! My name is Gracie, I’m thirteen years old and this is my blog! Welcome! How are you today? Please say hi! Are you going to sign up for my project? I’d love it if you did! Thanks guys.

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  2. Hello there! I’m Elena, 14 years old (15 in two weeks 😉 ) And well, I like writing and sharing a tiny bit of my life on the internet over on my blog. I think this blogosphere is the most awesome place ever, and it really never gets boring around here with so many fun people!
    I love your project idea, gracie, but I’m off on holiday very soon, so it would be complicated to take part without internet access. I’m really sorry about that. Still, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing expereince for all other bloggers!
    elena ❤

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    • Hey Elena! Welcome to the party! Let’s hope some more people join us soon. Since my readers come from all over the world, time difference messes stuff up a ton!

      Don’t worry about the project, Elena! Have a fantastic holiday. If you have blogger friends whom you’d like to tag for this project, just let them know! Thanks for coming.


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  3. Hey Gracie. We already know each other but I’ll introduce myself 🙂 I’m Cheila, I’m 25 and live in Portugal with the love of my life, Rui and my fur baby Rosa. She’s my 2-year-old dog and she’s amazing. We adopted her when she was just about 2 months old. She’s so smart and funny. What is your project’s deadline? I have SO much on my plate right now.

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    • Hey Cheila! Welcome to my blog party! It’s so lovely of you to come. I don’t really have a deadline. Just sign up so I know you’re onboard and once I have enough people, I’ll start the next step of pairing them up. It’ll take a while and you can back out whenever you like. Thanks for being here, my friend!

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  4. Hey Gracie! Im so happy that you are doing a blog party! I’ll introduce myself a little 😂: I’m Lucy, I’m 18, I live in Ireland, it is raining here 😂. I love to write and never thought my blog would change from a place intended for only stories/poetry into random lifestyle posts 😂 I love how the blogging community is always there, there is always something to read, someone to chat to and things to take do. I would love to take part in your project but I wouldn’t have time to get around to it as I am getting things together to start an online course! And then I’m off on holiday 😄 I will find a way to add it into a future post and let people know they can enter too as it sounds like a great opportunity 💗

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    • Hiya Lucy! Great timing, I was just about to leave the party. 😣 I’ve actually got to go soon, but please continue without me! So nice of you to come. It’s sunny here, but was raining earlier. I’d love it if you could include this project in one of your brilliant posts. Have fun and keep smiling!

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  5. Hello, folks!
    I write as T. E. Pyrus. I live in India in the company of five wonderful cats! I love and learn classical dance and music. I read a lot and intent to pursue further studies in English literature. I created my blog with the idea of reaching out to a wider audience and exploring possibilities. Although the blog started out as a place to share everyday musings and humour, it quickly melted down to my core passion, the love of my soul: poetry. I write about life and this ridiculous little world we’re destined to wander around all through our bright and fleeting lives. I write about human stupidity, then I write about unexplained love, about ignorance, then about the overwhelming beauty of everything, living and otherwise. I write about things that one might look past in a blink of an eye. Won’t you spare a minute for my words?
    Gracie, I’d love to take part in the blogging project! It sounds very interesting. ^_^

    I look forward to knowing you guys better!
    T. E. Pyrus

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    • Wow! T.E. Pyrus, thank you for being here today! It’s amazing getting to know you better. Check out this incredible person’s blog and read their utterly perfect words. So beautiful. Okay, drop me an email to join in the project and then I’ll have your contact details to email you with the next steps!

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  6. Heyyy!! I’m so so hyped up for this!! It sounds like an interesting thing to come up with and I’d love to join! I’m Me and I just became 15. And I’m waiting for further news! 😊😃

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  7. Hey guys! I’m Maddy and I’m 15. ( I’ll be 16 on Friday though ) I love dancing, photography, and reading. I am also a huge animal person. Thought I’d throw that out there. 😂

    Gracie, I absolutely love what you are doing to the blogging world. You are definitely a light in the darkness!

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    • Hi Maddy! Welcome. Happy birthday for Friday! So glad you’re here, my friend. Everyone, check out this girl’s blog! It’s lovely.

      Wow! Thank you Maddy. Will you sign up for my project?


      • It’s a pleasure. It probably won’t take place for a few weeks yet. I just need your details so I can send you an email with the next step, once I have enough people onboard. You can change your mind at any point, if you wish. Drop me an email if you’re interested. Xxx

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  8. Hi Gracie! Tiana here. I am 18 years old and I am in love with this new idea of yours! I hail from sunny California. I created my blog out of my passion for reading and writing and all things bookish. I also am a huge music junkie (especially edm) and I love animals and will do anything for them till the day I die. I am so excited to join the party!

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  9. So sorry I’ve been absent from the party, people! I usually spend the morning online and the afternoon logged off. I knew timings would clash! But who cares!? Let’s keep partying. You guys are welcome to interact without me. Btw, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email to express your interest in my blogging project!


  10. Hi Gracie I am nanny I am 74 and all the blogs I read from you and your friends is certainly a light in the darkness. They are so inspiring from such young people it’s a joy to follow their comments. Enjoy your blog party. Xxxxx

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  11. Hey everyone!! My name is Aqsa, I’m a 14 year old who loves writing, reading, singing, painting, drawing and a whole lot of things that I do to express myself. I’m thrilled to join the party!

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  12. Ooh, Gracie, this is an awesome project idea! I have a few questions though:

    – When do we have to sign up by?
    – When do we have to have our campaign by?
    – Will you give us our partner’s email to talk to?
    – And what do we say in our email to you?

    I’m in awe of how fast you came up with this project and am excited to get started! This is such a great idea. 🙂

    AND NOOOOW. Hi! I’m May. I’m also known as the Mango Queen and it is TOTALLY acceptable to call me that. I blog at Forever and Everly and scream a lot.

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    • Hiya May! So glad you’re here. Thank you! Okay here are the answers to your questions:

      I haven’t set a deadline yet, I will send out an email with the next step once enough people have signed up.
      The next step will be to send out an email to EVERYONE revealing their partners. I will link blogs and email addresses. Then you can start collaborating on your campaign ideas. I will set a deadline for that nearer the time.

      In your email, just say that you’re interested in joining the project, I’ll put your name on my list and reply with a few further details.

      Did this help? I hope so. Let me know if you have any more questions! Yay! I’m totally excited too. Can’t wait for your email!

      Goodbye, most gracious Mango Queen, this an honour. *bows* *bows again*


  13. Hi, I’m a fourteen year old named Sarah, who loves LOVES reading (of course) and I do some creative writing. *GUILTY FACE* Like once a month so I feel like I don’t deserve the title of being a writer but MOVING ON. I think that this is a genius idea and I’d love to do it! EXCEPT, I saw May asked this but when will the deadline be ABOUT around? Just asking because I leave for this camp and my family also goes on this road trip thing to Canada every year with no wifi. (SO cruel I know) Busy busy busy. Nah not really for the rest of the summer I’m just sitting at my desk blogging. ^_^ #nolife but blogging IS my life sooooo. Nope okay that just sounded really sad.

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  14. So cool, I’ll definitely join in! To introduce myself: I’m 18, I live in the south United States, and I’m a Harry Potter superfan. =) I play softball, I’m a full-time freelance writer, and I love Jesus more than anything!

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  15. Hiya my 13-year-old friend, this is a different kinda project and I love the sound of it. Since I see others introducing themselves, maybe I should too? 36-going-on-37 this November and a writer by profession. Quite goofy and in the process of learning more and more as each day goes by. You could pair me up with any blogger if that is okay. It would only mean that I would get to know someone new unless I already know the one you happen to choose for me 🙂 Would that work? xx

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  16. Hello! I’m Charis ( and I’d love to participate! I don’t feel comfortable sharing my age on here, but I can always email it to you if you really need it. 😉 I’d prefer getting paired with a blogger close in age to me – an early teen, 12-15 – and preferably someone I know pretty well (*cough* MAY *cough* XD), so I’d be comfortable sharing ideas and my email with them.

    Thanks so much for hosting this! This sounds awesome! Also, depending on who I get paired with (*cough* MAY *cough* Sorry I can’t resist. XD), could we maybe collab and post about our project on our blogs, too?

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  17. Hi! I’m Brooke a 13 year old girl from California who loves blogging.😋💕 come check out my blog !

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  18. Ooohh this project sounds awesome! I’m currently on the way to school as I’m typing this😂 so I’ll email you in a few hours to take part!
    As for the party….hi! My name is Jasmine, I’m 14 years old and I live in the UK! I live with my brother and mum, and I’m pretty much a cat lady without a cat😂 I love cats to pieces!
    It’s currently quite sunny and hot in the UK, and I absolutely hate it – summer is definitely my least favourite season!

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  19. Gracie you are just filled to the brim with inspiring and creative ideas! I love it! I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment on my earlier post, akismet gets weird at times 🤔
    Anyway. I’m Angela, I’m 25. I’m based down in New Zealand. I would love to get involved in this project! It sounds exciting 😀
    I’ll email you soon 🙂

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  20. Hi! I would like to say that I go by the display name I use but you can assume whatever😂 I love music, reading, writing and YouTube and I’m thrilled to join the party!

    Also this is a wonderful idea you’ve got! Keep doing what you’re doing 💙

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  21. Hi! I’m Lily, a new follower:) I’m 15 and I actually haven’t blogged since last year but when I got a notification that you followed me, you inspired me to start up again!:) My blog is mainly christian posts but I think I’m gonna switch it up a little and do some different things soon! I love this idea & I might email you about it!💞

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  22. Hi! I’m lily, a new follower!:) I’m 15 and actually haven’t blogged since last summer but when I got a notification that you followed me, it inspired me to start up again!!!!!;) I love this idea & might email you about it!!💜

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    • Hi there Lily! What!? I inspired you! That is unreal. I feel so honoured! You should definitely start posting again. Thanks for coming and I’d love to hear from you about the project! Looking forward to your email!

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