Dwelling On The Darkness


Dear All,

Things have happened in this past week and they’ve made me realise a lot. I started this blog to be ‘a light in the darkness’ and I’ve become consumed by the very thing I’m fighting. I’ve been dwelling on the darkness, and that doesn’t make any difference to the world. Nothing is changed unless you’re positive and hopeful. Unless you actually take action. 

Blogging is a beautiful, beautiful thing with so much potential, but for me it’s turned into a part of the darkness. It’s taken over my life, meaning I haven’t been getting out there and actually living a life that makes me ‘a light’.

My Mum wrote this in my notepad:

“It’s the life you lead that makes you a light, not your awareness of the darkness”

She’s right.

I’m going to write more about my own life, things I’ve done and thought, things that I hope will inspire others. I believe that getting young people talking about things that matter is extremely important, but our world needs action too.

Signing off…..

Gracie ❤️❤️❤


50 thoughts on “Dwelling On The Darkness

  1. I love how dwelling on the darkness has not made you give up, it has made you take a new approach and you are thinking of yourself as well as others whilst taking action in your life. I love your mum’s quote too, she’s very right. Have a lovely day💗

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    • Thank you, Elsie. I only came to the realisation recently, with the help of my family and now I’m really going to try hard and fight the darkness. I want blogging to remain a positive thing for me. Yes, my Mum’s quote was amazing, and so encouraging. Plus it was totally true! You too, lovely! Thanks! Xxx

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    • I’m sad to say that I considered it, but I honestly love it. The reason I’m not letting it consume me is because I want blogging to remain a positive thing. ❤️❤️❤️ I’d miss you all a ton anyway. ☺️

      I can’t wait to start posting!

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  2. Gracie your Mum is absolutely right. You write from thoughts deep down but you need to write more about yourself and what you like to do and keep the lightness side going. You have so much to give and so many things to tell about everyday life.I look forward to reading your next blog xxxxx

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  3. It’s been so long since I read this and I wanted to comment, and now that I have time to, let me say that that sentence was beautiful.
    Today I witnessed a so-called motivational speech. But the thing about the person who was speaking was that he was more of a speaker than a motivator. From the hour I spent listening, I realized that I had learnt so much more from the walks with my mother and the time I spend with myself. The truth is, motivation is a long-term process. You can’t just listen to someone and have that turning point and become all realized and wise.
    That sentence your mom wrote in your notepad, it’s a treasure. The little things we learn every day collected is what makes knowledge whole. We can never learn everything all at once. Maybe that’s why the little things matter, because they make us who we are?
    All I can say is, thank you for sharing. I learnt something today too. 🙂

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