Team Window Vs Team Screen: Who Will Win This Epic Duel???

It’s amazing what you see when you look out if the window. It’s amazing what you miss when you’re staring at a screen. That’s why I’m keeping this post short. I’ll just tell you that I spotted one of these little fellas hiding in the reeds and it made my day!

Courtesy of Google.

Whose team are you on? Team Window  I or Team Screen? Aren’t these two unbelievably cute? Does anyone know what they are? Have a guess! Hope you enjoy this super quick post. Let the discussions commence….! ❤❤❤😁😁😁



25 thoughts on “Team Window Vs Team Screen: Who Will Win This Epic Duel???

  1. Team Screen, man 😉 It’s hotttt out where I live. You go outside and you get claustrophobic from the heat. Inside, I can take a writing class, find a good recipe for guac, write blog posts, and write a novel. 😉 Also listen to music. Outside, I can sweat a lot just by standing. Not fun times.

    (Also, I’m 57% certain those are baby beavers.)

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    • Yes, the screen does open up a huge world to discover, but I also see the importance of exploring the REAL world too. I think it’s got to be a balance between both Teams. Ah, yes. The heat. Yuck.

      (I’ll let you into a secret: I really wish they were baby beavers, but they’re actually water voles)


  2. Wellllllll. It’s hot where I’m at so I HATE going outside. But I do think hetting time outside is important! I just don’t wake up early enough. 😉 I think I’m on my screen for too long! Sometimes I take a break and just read a book or practice piano, but other times I’m just procrastinating on my computer. 😦 So as much as I HATE how often I am on it, Team Screen!

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    • THE HEAT! *faints* Time outside is really important, I would say I’m in a transition between Team Screen and Team Window, I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH time on the former, but I’m cutting down. Reading books is awesome too. Obviously. 😂

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  3. Definitely Team Window! 😉 Going outside, looking outside, is so much better than sitting on a computer.. of course, I still do it. Because I don’t like being in the 102 degree weather outside…but outside is always better… 😉 Looking at all of God’s creation and enjoying everything he’s made. I like sweating, cause usually it means I’m working hard. I don’t love the hotness and stickiness of all the humidity and warmness of it all…but outside definitely wins this time! 😉

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      • Yeah.. I know what you mean! 😉 Yeah.. this morning was WONDERFUL! We were gathering cattle on horses…it was wonderful to be outside in the morning. It didn’t even feel too bad out there! 😉

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      • YES! It was great… Kind of… I mean, it’s AMAZING to be able to go out and do that kind of stuff with people…and just have the opportunity to ride horses in a pasture… Horses are so amazing and beautiful… I don’t ride them much during the fall, winter or spring…but during the summer is our main gathering time and when we use the horses and dogs the most… I wish SO much that people that would like that could come out here and have that opportunity. Because I’d love it SO much to be able to have someone that wanted to do that, to come and do it. Maybe some day you will have that opportunity. 😉

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      • Yeah.. my family is awesome! My friends are too, but only like one of them ever goes riding with us much. I love riding with my family! This morning… it’s an amazing story! You’ll love this… don’t worry, it’s not long… So, we had four people, riding two sick horses, and two out of shape horses, with 3 pretty inexperienced dogs and one out of shape dog, move six hundred and fifty cattle, across 2 miles over pasture, to get them through the gate. And WE DID IT!!!!! They did NOT want to move, or go ANYWHERE we wanted them to, but we finally GOT IT! And all the dogs/horses and people don’t seem too worse for the wear! 😉

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