The Beauty Of Shape And Colour: My Visit To The Glass Studio

The colours, the shapes, the sparkling of sunlight, the heat, the shattered shards of glass scattered on the floor, the ripples of molten glass, the proud displays, everything about this place captured my imagination. It fascinated me. Here’s the story of my visit to the glass studio, in photos:

There’s a lump of coloured glass on this rod, it’s heated up so that you can shape it.

Coming out…

Being shaped.

This cools the glass down.

All the blocks of glass, all shades of the rainbow.

The glass expands when…

….you blow it!

Again, moulding it to perfection.

Different tools were used for different things.

Making the handle.

Some of the things made in this studio…

The studio…

My favourite photo! All the ones that went wrong!

The finishing touches.

Did you enjoy this post? What was your favourite photo? Please let me know, I absolutely love hearing from you all! 



24 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Shape And Colour: My Visit To The Glass Studio

  1. Ooh myy Godd!!! I’ve never visited a glass studio and the final pieces look stunningg …LIKE I AM JUST GAPING AND SQUINTING RIGHT HERE BECAUSE IT’S SUPER INTRICATE AND AWESOME. ❤ All the pictures were amazing because I never actually bothered about how these piece were made and now they look even prettier!! I’m sure you had a great time!

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  2. The glass is lovely Gracie. All the pictures look great. You’ve really captured your visit well. We used to visit a glass blowing studio in Ironbridge at Coalbridge (I think!). I still have a beautiful vase we bought. We also visited a glass workshop where the artist made amazing sculptures with glass and we have a couple of his pieces. xx

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  3. This is really really cool!! It’s just amazing, to get to know how things in the market are made… I haven’t been to a glass studio but I visited a pottery one, once and it was mind blowing! I love how your favourite picture is the one of the pieces that went wrong😄 Thank you for blogging about this!

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  4. That was an interesting visit and you have portrayed it really well with all the photos.The end product looked amazing. There is a place in Nazeing called Nazeing glass works. I remember going there about your age and I was fascinated by it all.maybe we could go there one day .It’s still going .xxxxx


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