Making Fresh Pasta!!! + Italian Speakers???

Making fresh, egg pasta is one of my passions. I absolutely love creating this delicious, homemade food and sharing it with my family.  Here are some photos for you guys:

Da da!

Twiddling and twirling (not proper terminology, obviously)

Finished product! Yum!!!

My pasta story began when I started learning Italian, a huge part fulfilling my dream of going to Italy one day. I started attending an Italian cooking/speaking class and fell in love. Seeing as I am *virtually* sharing pasta with you all today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask if anyone knows Italian? I wondered if anyone out there is willing to help me practice my conversation, language, etc? Please let me know. Thanks! ❤❤❤

Have I made you hungry? Have you ever made fresh pasta? Would you like to try? Do you speak Italian? Tell me all….





31 thoughts on “Making Fresh Pasta!!! + Italian Speakers???

  1. YUM! Now I can see these photos, and I’m hungry, even though I’ve just eaten breakfast! Fresh pasta making is the best, and I don’t speak Italian, I speak Spanish! Hola!
    ~Emily x

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  2. That pasta looks delicious! 😍 I was learning Italian earlier this year using an app but then I lost the swing of it 😂 now I’ve seen this I might take it back up again and go looking for my notebook as it is a beautiful language. I wanted to learn a language that was different from Irish/french (which I learnt some of in school) as then I could start afresh. An Italian cooking/speaking class sounds like such a fun idea! 💗

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    • Thanks, Elsie! I’ve done that a few times too, but I always pick it up again and keep going! Mmm, I’ve tried a few apps. They don’t help half as much as actual conversation. Yes, maybe we could learn together!? You should definitely start again, we can practice on each other! It was an amazing idea! I loved it.

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  3. I did Italian at school for six months. But I started halfway through the course. And I ended up getting a D… so? I would definetley not be vety helpful. Especially because that was two years ago

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  4. Your pasta making is very yum. As you know I have had the pleasure of eating your pasta more than once and also watched you making it.your bloggers will be very envious ! Xxxxx


  5. I’d love to learn Italian, but alas, I’m stuck with learning Spanish (which isn’t a bad language at all– it’s just that because of public schooling, it’s very limited as to what can be taken for languages). I do love Italian food– I love all of their pastas and sauces! Your pasta looks really delicious, by the way!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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