Welcome To My School: A Tour + Q and A!

If you’re a regular reader of A Light In The Darkness then you’ll know that I am an aspiring teacher and that I want to start my own school one day. Well, it finally feels like that dream is coming true!!!! Allow me to introduce you…

Meet the Students:

IMG_20171011_180705 This is my younger brother Evan, 11 years of age.

IMG_20171011_180618Meet my younger sister Irys, 10 years of age.

IMG_20171011_180627Say hello to our friend and neighbour Jessie May, also homeschooled and 11 years of age.

IMG_20171011_180743Class photo plus our other friend and neighbour Joey, also homeschooled and 8 years of age.

The Backstory:

I am a naturally determined  person and I wanted this opportunity to teach real bad. So guess what!? I made it happen.

I made tons of lesson plans, went on numerous trips to the library (a massive hardship, of course), spent hours cleaning The Lodge and used most of my pocket-money on high-energy brain food as snacks. I was pretty nervous on the morning. I mean, I was teaching other kids, what if they didn’t like it? What if they were bored? Idk!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Um, lots. The WiFi and electricity in The Lodge crashed halfway through the morning. However, a major crisis was averted and it’s fixed now. (Yay!) . They all loved it (double yay) and Jessie May even said she’d do it every day if we could! We’ve settled for once, sometimes twice, a week plus extra English/writing classes and a book club!!
What Lessons Am I Teaching, Exactly?
The lessons are based on appreciating the environment we live in. We all live on a big farm in the countryside so we are learning about the local wildlife, plants and history. We’re finding out about conservation and how to manage and protect the earth’s resources. We’ll be learning about everything from meteorology and stargazing to cooking and foraging wild foods, from art and writing to reading and researching, from carpentry and pottery to maths and teamwork.
I hope that after this virtual tour you’ve got an idea of what my school’s like. I am SO excited and I finally feel as though I am fulfilling my dreams and pursuing my future. 
I’ve also decided to do a Q and A! So comment below with any questions you may have about the school and I’ll try to answer them. No minimum or maximum amount, just fire away! Thank you in advance, everyone. 
P.s. I hope to post more on this subject. Let me know if you’re interested???

32 thoughts on “Welcome To My School: A Tour + Q and A!

    • Yayy! So this is the school you were talking about. It’s so cool. 💙
      It’s so really nice of you to do this and you can spread amazing spontaneous stuff about our world today, rather than most teachers in school who plainly ask us to copy out lines and recite dumbly.

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      • Well I do have questions- but there are many though. 😅
        Are you guys going to travel around the farm place and learn things practically or…..? Well, I mean to ask, how is the teaching going to be – How different from today’s schools? 😊
        Also, since it’s about the environment will you be using gadgets?
        Well I hope I’m not being too interfering. 😅😋

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  1. Well done Gracie! A great achievement. I would love to come along to your school, I bet it’s really interesting. Are your pupils allowed to direct any of your teaching and follow their own interests or are you quite strict in following your lesson plans? xxx

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  2. This is such an amazing opportunity! I’m positively sure you are a wonderful teacher; I’m so happy that you’re getting an amazing experience and following your passion all at once!

    Lots of hugs and love 😊

    Your friend,

    Aqsa ❤

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    • Yes, it really is! I do feel like I’m living my dream. Thanks for your kind words, Aqsa, they mean a lot. Do you have any questions about the school for my Q and A?

      Love from your friend,
      Gracie 😁


  3. This is definitely a wonderful start to pursuing your dream! Teaching is a nice passion- Even if they aren’t going to be teachers by profession, I think the world would be a different place if everyone teaches each other what they know. ❤ I would love to have a teacher my age, haha!
    As for questions… At what time do you begin/end teaching? When and how did you realize you wanted to be a teacher?


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    • Yes! It definitely is. I totally agree that everyone should share what they know with others, it’s a wonderful thought and one that sounds idealistic but could really happen! I would love to have a teacher my own age too!! ❤❤❤

      Thanks for your questions! They’re great. If you think of any more, lemme know!

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  4. Well done Gracie sounds as if your first lesson went really well. I am sure in the future you will make a first class teacher.I guess it was a challenge teaching your own brother and sister but you obviously had their attention and they enjoyed your lesson.I am sure you put a lot of work in yourself planning it all.very proud of you keep it up.xxxxx

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  5. Well done Gracie! You have a small school and pupils and Iris (sorry for the eye joke) and people want to learn off you because you have a lot to teach.

    I used to teach bicycle mechanics to a small group of ten-year-olds and I always degreased them before I sent them home, almost always!

    How long do you hope to be keeping up with this school for? (sorry a feeble question).

    School is an interesting word I wonder if it is Greek?

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  6. Gracie!!! I love this so much. You’re so determined in starting your own school and making it happen, just being a wonderful teacher and overall person. I can see why the WiFi would crash, though— I’ve had that experience myself. xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  7. Gracie this is so cool! I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished!
    Right now I’m completing college applications, and I see all of the other kids that apply, going to their prestigious schools, winning hundreds of academic awards and doing all of these things I can’t do, etc.,and that’s when I feel inferior lol, but you my friend have found the heart of education, and you always remind me how great homeschooling is. Just being a teacher–what a great thing to be doing.

    I have a question–how does the homeschooling system work for you in relation to your area? Do they allow you instead of a parent to teach? Do they require you to submit proof of work at the end of every school year? I’m quite curious, because you and I homeschool much differently, but even that, we live in different countries, so I would love to learn about how that works!!

    Good luck with all you do!

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    • Thank you so much, Grace! Your encouragement means everything to me. I often feel left out too, but from a social side of things. I see other young people my age going out with their friends and doing all sorts of things I never have the opportunity to do because I don’t go to school. The friends I do have I only see every so often whereas most kids see their friends every day. It’s hard to deal with, but I tell myself that I have other (even better) opportunities, like teaching, which would never happen if I attended school.

      Ooh, thanks for the questions. Unfortunately I’ve already posted all the answers to other people’s queries, but I’ll try and answer yours here. Basically, homeschooling is perfectly legal and many people do it. It’s especially popular in the area of the UK where I live which is one of the reasons my parents moved here when I was very young. Some people have always homeschooled their children whilst others have been taken out of school. This is where most differences come into the picture.

      I went to a little alternative private school when I was about five, but apart from that I have never been inside the education system so it’s like I don’t exist to them. Kids like me don’t get checked up on because we don’t officially exist on their records. However, kids who’ve been taken out of school at any point do receive regular visits from inspectors to see that they’re up to certain standards.

      My family, and other families like us, have a lot of freedom as to what we learn and how and when, which is great. We are not purposefully trying to deceive anyone and we do still keep up on lessons, but we’re not under pressure to fit into the modern education system’s idea of an adequate education all the time.

      If you have any other questions, let me know! I’m more than happy to answer them. Thank you so much! 😁


    • Thank you! They just don’t believe in the conventional education system and how it makes the child fit the school instead of the school fit the child. It also raises kids to fit into a society that is all about money.


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