Pursuing Your Dreams (The Grand Reveal Of My New Blog Designs)

Everyone has dreams, whether they choose to follow them or not. A dream is a passive thing that floats around in your mind, waiting to be captured. But if you want your dream to become real, you have to take action. *superman pose*

I am one of those people who try hard to achieve their dreams and so is my friend here,Β Mukta.

Mukta is passionate about design. So guess what!? She set up her own design platform where she offers her creative services to people for free.Β Design Pique StudiosΒ is still quite new and I honoured to say that I have been one of Mukta’s first customers.

Her patience, creativity and ingenuity have blown me away and I am totally happy with my new designs.

I think it’s time to reveal my designs, don’t you?

This is my beautiful new divider.

And this is my new chat graphic/prompt.



So….what do you think?




37 thoughts on “Pursuing Your Dreams (The Grand Reveal Of My New Blog Designs)

  1. The designs are simply amazing Mukta!! And so lovely of you grace to post them! And heck yess, it must have taken a LOT of patience because every time I set my blog theme, I end up cursing every thing around and doing nothing.
    But unfortunately i dont really understand much about this. I mean, what is ordering? Does that mean i have to pay..? Can I please be explained. I would appreciate it much. Thankss!!

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