Provocation – Spoken Word Poem About Islamophobia

Hey there everybody! Today I am back with another spoken word poem – this time about Islamophobia, a  huge issue in our modern day society.

During my Words That Burn project, combining poetry with human rights, I was looking at the topic of Dignity and instances where it has been denied or abused. For this we had to look at one of Amnesty International’s case files which was SO interesting, it’s like a sneak peek at the way this amazing organisation works.

I read the story of Hanane Yakoubi, a pregnant Muslim woman who was traveling on a London bus when she was targeted by an extremely Islamophobic verbal attack by another woman. She was continuously abused and threatened by this fellow passenger, who was a young Mother herself, her child (in a pram) actually witnessing this behaviour! No one actually intervened, but the scene was filmed by a witness. After being posted online, the video went viral and the attacker handed herself in. She faced various charges.

Honestly this sort of thing makes me feel sick, how can people be so ignorant and cruel? I had to channel my feelings into something and spoken word proved to be perfect. What you see below is a part of the video with my poem from the POV for Hanane narrated over the top.

*Trigger warning – footage of verbal abuse and mild language* Enjoy and, as always, any feedback appreciated! Also, here’s a suggestion – I would watch/listen to it twice. Once so you can focus on the video and once so you can listen to the poem properly.

If you want to watch the full original footage, please click here.

I’m really hoping this will spark a discussion between you guys! Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions and to interact in the comments! This is a totally discussion-friendly zone! 


21 thoughts on “Provocation – Spoken Word Poem About Islamophobia

  1. As always I love your poetry Gracie!! I think you’re really good at this- spoken poetry I mean. I love your voice in the background while there is chaos in the video. It’s lovely and at the same time, sad.

    I’ve seen a LOT of such cases of islamophobia- not in real life, but I’ve heard soo much from the papers. So much that it sometimes even brainwashes me. (I’m kinda ashamed to say that?) I’m so glad you posted this one. ❤
    Lots of love. Xxc

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    • I love your comments as always! Yeah, it is sad, but hopefully by raising awareness we can do something about it.

      Me too! And you shouldn’t be ashamed, it’s just a product of our hateful society that we have to break free from.

      Thanks! Love, xxx

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      • Yes I understand. Maybe someone should have stopped that woman right there.

        Ooh yes. That’s makes me feel better. And also, do check out this video.
        It’s a Muslim girl in the Canadian Parliament. There are more on YouTube.
        I was thinking if we could all reach out to them, you know. Letting them know that we support them. 🙂 oh gosh, you post some really important and good stuff. I’m glad you did this.

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      • They definitely should have!

        I’ll have a look at that. Thanks!

        Yeah, I can’t imagine how traumatic this would be if you and your people were persecuted in this way. Its so unjust and unfair and untrue!

        Thank you again!

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  2. Unfortunately provocation is a very real problem.Verbal especially can be more hurtful than a punch.Why we have to see and hear these things in our world I will never know.I am sure the world would be a better place if people thought about being kind to each other. The video was very sad. I would like to read the poem you wrote as I couldn’t hear too well even though I listened several times.xxxxx

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  3. That poem was really really good. I don’t wear hijab, but in all honesty this is part of the reason why I don’t. People can then identify me as Muslim, and I scared that I’ll have that kind of abuse thrown at me. It’s sad that more people on that bus didn’t kick up a fuss or tell her to shut up- she was able to just freely yell at that poor women. Again, loved the poem and I’m so glad you made people aware of this incident xxxx

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    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I totally understand that. I would be really afraid too. Hopefully, we as the future generation can identify how WRONG this issue is and stand up to it. I know! I would have intervened for sure, even though I guess it would have been a bit of an intimidating or overwhelming situation. Thanks again!

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