Want To Take Part In A Social Experiment?

Don’t worry, I’m not a weird and wacky scientist who’s going to use you to test out some strange potion. Or am I??? Nope, all you have to do is spend a few minutes answering some questions. Interested? Let me explain.

I’m doing socio-anthropology as one of my school subject and it’s absolutely fascinating. You look a bit blank, my friend. Ohhhh, I get it, socio-anthropology is the study of human society. Good now? Brill.

Anyway, my project is all about education and storytelling. My aim is to explore the differences, positives and negatives of the regular school system and homeschooling through the students eyes for once, to understand their views on education and to see – in a bit more depth – how they differ or overlap.

So there you go! All you have to do to help me out with this is to be willing to be interviewed! If you’re a teen that’s great, but any age is okay. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you asap with all the details. I look forward to hearing from you guys! All help is very, very much appreciated!

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