Why It’s Important For Teens To Think Of The Future: Discussion Post

The future: what does it hold for us all? Well,  in today’s world it looks preeeeetty bleak. Just open a news site, talk to anyone in the world and you’ll see why. Everyone is struggling. There’s environmental issues like plastic and pollution, political issues like corruption and poor leadership, global issues like poverty and war, social issues like human rights abuses and violation and personal issues like mental health and the breakdowns within families. And look, I don’t want to dwell on the negative, but if we ignore these things, nothing will change. We’re gonna have to be pretty radical, guys. 

Now this blog welcomes people of all ages, offers hope and inspiration to everyone, but I am aware that most of my audience, and myself as the author, consists of teens. So today I want to talk about why it’s important for teens to think of the future. 

Now many people of our generation simply don’t even think about the future. It’s not on their radar, they just wanna live in the moment and yeah, that’s fine, but what happens in however many years when everything goes wrong??? We are the future generation and we have to take responsibility. This is our world that we’re ignoring, our future, our lives!

Right, so I think we’ve established that it’s pretty important that we teens think about the future. However, I realise that this can be a very daunting task. The future is so unknown and so huge and so full of potentials and pitfalls. And I’m no different, I find it hard to look ahead too, but we’ve all got to try together because one day we will be making the decisions. So here are my top tips for looking to the future. Here goes:

  • The main thing we need to change is attitude. We need to get a grip on just how key the future is to our lives. The future is our lives!
  • Determine what you want for the future of our world and for your future individually. Take active steps towards that, engage with it, put your energy into that thing.
  • Do small things that make a BIG difference – things like being thoughtful, kind and compassionate to others. 
  • One massive issue in our world at the moment, one that is already starting to have devastating effects on the planet and will only get worse, is the lack of sustainability. We are DESTROYING the environment, we are destroying our home and soon we will suffer the consequences. There are loads of simple ways you can help try to stop this: learn skills! Learn how to grow food, learn how to recycle, make simple more environmentally friendly swaps in your home. 

Those are my tips! Now, what are yours???? This is a discussion post after all so I need your contributions. Comment down below with any thoughts or ideas you might have!

57 thoughts on “Why It’s Important For Teens To Think Of The Future: Discussion Post

  1. I completely agree with you! I think that kids in our generation are going to be the ones who will, in a sense, “see it all”. According to statistics, our environment is seriously something to be considered, as well as the fact that our global population is growing at a fast rate (11 billion by 2100). As an example, many of our coral reefs are facing the effects of global warming, and the are experiencing a phenomenon called sea acidification. A major city in the world, Cape Town, South Africa, will run out of all water supplies in 90 days. We are facing just a taste of what the consequences will be.

    Regarding equality and inclusion. I think that a lot of politicians need to just listen. Listen to everyone no matter what diversity you are from. A major problem is that politicians just assume or talk about what they think is right regarding money, plans, rules and regulations etc. The thing is, these things are not going to solve the seclusion of people, it’s not going to be effective when speaking in points of a long term situation unless their viewpoints are aiming towards these issues. Canada, the country I live in. Prime minister Justin Trudeau is taking the time to legalize recreational (and medical which is the only option of the two I agree with) marijuana. More than half of our first nations communities are living in housing states that are just not acceptable. They are dealing with issues like unclean water, high suicide rates, education inequality, drug abuse and our government hasn’t done a thing to help; is it really that hard as a developed country who has the infrastructure and money to provide a front door, clean water and tuition for children? It’s upsetting that governments only tend to focus on mainly the rich and middle class, but don’t do a thing for those who are living their lives in a state of poverty. It’s upsetting to me as a young girl because I am constantly questioning: How will we reach a state of equality, how will we learn to reinvent sustainability when there is no equal representation, salaries, and the overall divide of our people?

    I honestly think and agree with you Gracie, that it has to do with attitude. A lot of people would just read the statistics I listed above and just think “if it is already to this state, I can’t do anything”. And that mindset is completely 100% false and just ridiculous. If every single person in the world woke up today and said that they wanted to make a difference or those with significant power would invest in ways to help the world, I think that it would help our global situation. Yes, there are negatives. But instead of trying to combat them with indifference or more negativity, why not positivity? Things may seem like they’re impossible to fix, but when so much of our generation has their mind set on “I can’t do anything” then how can we change? I think many communities and schools need to incorporate opportunities for youth to drive that mindset away, because every single young person out there needs to know that the future is in our hands, and that we can make a difference even if it is the smallest action.

    As a young girl, many adults don’t seem to listen. But if we are to join in together and really raise awareness, we can definitely make a change. Nothing is impossible, and I encourage many people to keep on learning and keeping up with statistics to broaden their understanding of the world today.

    We can solve these issues, if only we are able to set our differences aside. If we can’t do that, then we can always work on spreading the message that empowers people to take a stand, too through opportunity and education. The world is truly in our hands, and I think that I for one will never stop spreading the message that I believe in, no matter what amount of people hear me; the smallest action can lead to the largest difference in the end.
    “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is truly a quote to live by.

    Thank you, Gracie, for coming up with such a brilliant discussion post! I really enjoyed commenting down my thoughts, and I apologize if it was really long 😂.

    Lots of love.

    Aqsa ❤

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    • YES! YES! YESSSSSS, AQSA! I think that we definitely will be the generation who see the most devastating consequences of all the past generations actions if we don’t do something about it…and soon! You’re right, we’re already witnessing the effects of global warming and pollution and so many other things. The situation in Cape Town is crazy, how did this happen to such a massive city? I hope people see that this isn’t a ‘hoax” anymore, it never was, it’s real and huge and major and this just proves that.

      I know. Politicians put their attention on all the wrong things. Yeah, like you said, legalising marijuana when they could be dealing with urgent, super important issues affecting loads and loads of vulnerable people. It’s terrible. The rich are okay, leave them to look after their own lives, there are people who desperately need your help. And isn’t it your job to help them? Isn’t that what your supposed to do???

      YES! That’s what I’m saying, we teens/kids/young people need to rise to the challenge, take responsibility and the adults have to take us seriously. We are their only hope.

      We can change. We can change. We can change. There are so many things we can do. We have to try or its the end of EVERYTHING.

      My pleasure! Thank you so much for your brilliant comment. Loads of love,

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  2. Gracie I was very impressed at your list for helping to make the world a better place. I am too old to make a list but your generation have got so much they can do if you all pull together and your list just about covers all the most important issues to make changes. Well done and keep it going.xxxxx

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  3. I think part of the problem is, as teens, a lot of the time our say won’t make a whole load of difference. Let’s take Brexit as an example, pre-vote I would say that quite a number of my friends weren’t interested as it was “just politics”, an opinion that I can’t fault them for having too much because at the end of the day, their opinion wouldn’t count due to the voting system.
    Hopefully in the future the voting age will lower to 16 as some politicians are beginning to advocate for. These are many labour MPs however Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, is also a great supporter after seeing how young people reacted when they lowered the voting age for the Scottish Referendum. I think this displays that once young people are given more accessible opportunities and education then their interest in terms of politics, and the future as you were saying, does increase.
    On the other hand I do agree in that we can’t just sit around waiting for us to be given opportunities and I certainly think that young people should advocate for change, as in the grand scheme of things, that would improve the rest of the nation’s attitude towards us. However, I think that we are fighting a system not in our favour and that is partially responsible for attitudes of our peers.

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    • True! I think teens are perhaps disinterested and unengaged because if they try to speak up or out they are ignored or not taken seriously. I think others are just disconnected with their future, they see it as irrelevant even though it is completely, totally NOT.

      I don’t know if lowering the voting age to 16 will help with the attitudes of teens. I also think sometimes they don’t possess enough wisdom or experience to make massive decisions and so it is the role of the older generation to help us to prepare for the future, not just to leave us to get on with it as best we can. Someday we will have to do the same for our own children and grandchildren.

      Yes, we can’t just sit around and wait. We’ve got to take action.

      Thank you so much for your fascinating contribution!


      • I’ve only recently become an advocate for lowering the voting age but if you’re yet to read up on it I’d highly recommend the episode that the ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful Podcast’ did on it. If you look at the statistics for the Scottish referendum, you’ll be able to see that in certain areas there was a higher turnout of 16-17 year olds than 18-20, with the 16-17 turnout around 75%. Also, if you’re legally able to bring a child into the world at age 16, with the ability to legally have sex, shouldn’t you be able to have a say into the world that child is being brought into?

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    • I completely agree with everything you said! We as teens need to involve more in the real world not just school problems! Yes, we are young. But we’re not young enough that we can’t figure out the right from the wrong at all times. When the adults that we look up too tell us that our voices don’t matter because we’re too young, how can we trust ourselves that we can in fact make decisions? But as the world is evolving fast and the internet is spreading between us, ready to help us gain as much information as we want, we teens should definitely get our voices out there as so many do! We need to have a voice and not ignore the political and social issues because if we don’t do something about it now it soon will be our world to live in and face the consequences.

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  4. I couldn’t have said it any better! This year I started taking this class at my school called AP Environmental Science and it has changed my perspective on so many things. There are so many environmental problems in the world and most people turn a blind eye to them. It’s so sad to see how in just a few years the environment has changed drastically for the worse. Animals are becoming extinct because of habitat loss and green house gases are increasing at a substantial rate each day. Climate Change and Global Warming are big issues that the future generations will be facing if we don’t make a change. Last Friday at school we discussed the water crisis happening in Cape Town, South Africa and it’s crazy to even fathom. I think the first step to making a change is educating the younger population now. If we don’t start doing something different who knows if the future will even exist. Great post Gracie!! xx

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    • I totally agree! That subject is so interesting and eye-opening! As a homeschooler, I obviously don’t do it in a class environment, but that doesn’t stop me reading about all these things. Your last sentence was so true: who knows if our future even will exist??? Thanks for the comment, Cata.

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  5. I kinda don’t like thinking about my future, simply because it’s always forced upon me by school, my mum, etc. I have no idea what I want to do in my future. I don’t know what career to go into, I don’t know what A-levels to take, I don’t know whether I want to go to uni or not and if I do go to uni I don’t know whether I want to leave home for uni.
    I simply don’t know, and I know I have to think about it but it stresses me out to do so. I just view my future as a negative time I guess, that nothing will change :/

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    • I totally understand this, thanks for sharing, Jas. I think that young people our age have so much pressure put on them by family, school, etc and it can kind of squash your dreams and your optimism for the future. My advice would be to think about what you love and try to follow your heart. All the best and I wish you a really, really happy life.


    • I get what you are saying girl, I have been in that same boat too, but we have to hope for the future. Hope is a big thing, and a lot of teens have lost it. (That is why the suicide level is so high). It being pushed really hard is not necessarily good, there are certain ways and times to push it, and you need to make the decision for yourself, as we all do. Good luck! 🙂

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  6. The way in which you wrote this post was super impressive. I have been thinking about this for quite a while, actually, and as they say, there are two sides to every coin. We’ve always been taught to live in the present, and the people who believe that do have a valid point, but SOMEHOW it isn’t practical. We’ll keep on living the moment, and as you pointed out, keep on polluting, wasting, throwing things around like confetti as though they’re always going to be there. I somehow naturally have a love for nature and the surroundings, which is an anomaly, but it’s alarming how we tend to so easily take things for granted.
    As teens, we are told a million times that the world rests on our shoulders, and we believe that, but we don’t understand what it means. It means the wastage trend HAS to stop. Of course it’s important we think of the future! We can’t go on living in our own happy-go-lucky worlds and forget that there is hunger and misery in the real world, and that all the things we hog will be no more if we continue to live in such a way!
    When you take a different angle to it, so many people don’t know what they want to do with their life, because they never took the time to think. Our futures are shaped by our actions, and our actions, of course, are shaped by our thoughts. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Mukta! YES, it is crazy how much we do take things for granted, like nature and our environment, not realising how huge an effect it has on our lives and our future.

      And yep, when we’re told that the future is ours, we’re like “yeah, yeah” until it’s too late. I think it seems irrelevant to many teens, untouchable, out of reach. Almost like it’s guaranteed, even though it really isn’t.

      Thanks for your comment and it’s amazing to know that someone else is thinking of the same thing. Lots of love, xxxxx

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    • I totally agree, Mutka. We are told to ‘stay in the moment’ a lot, and sometimes it is not healthy spiritually, mentally, or even physically. I am not saying we need to be big planners and have everything mapped out because you never know what is going to happen, but we need a structure, a base, a hope, and a little bit of a plan for our lives just to keep us on the right track. People that say ‘stay in the moment’ might have looked towards the future TOO much, but there is a FINE LINE between looking towards the future and getting there, getting there, and being ready for it and planning and having goals. 🙂 This is a very interesting topic for teens.

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  7. I definitely agree, Gracie. ❤
    I think it is awful/crazy what the world is coming to!! No one wants to plan, they just would rather play video games and "have fun" temporarily, rather than make a change in their world. Now, a lot of people say we need to be in the moment, and when we are having fun we don't need to be worrying about the future—but, but, but, there is a time to be serious, and a time to be funny and a time to face things that you don't exactly want to face, (like the future.) We need to set goals, meet them, then make higher goals for ourselves, like you said, the future is our life!! We need to make tomorrow better, we need to make a change, not wait for another person to do it because the world will fail us time and time again, we can depend on God, but a lot of people don't even want to do that, because they don't think He is real, or He loves them. A lot of things are wrong with this world, and if we could just set our eyes on the future and make a change. One time my sister held open a door for a woman that was about, let's say, 40-year-old, she thanked her so emphatically and acted like nobody does that for her, that little door opening made that woman's day happier! (One little act can lead to big blossoms). We are grey like the rest of the crowd, we need to be neon, (metaphorically), we need to stand out and be the ones that people are like, "There is something different about that girl…I want it too!" To simply make a card to ourselves and open it a year later with goals in it and see how much we accomplished in that year, that would be good; or a letter of encouragement to keep going would be great-(I wrote a letter to myself like that, I open it in 2019 in February). Point is: that is a good start to a long road that, if you travel it the right way, can lead to awesome stuff. 🙂

    Thanks for posting, that is all I have to say for now. 🙂

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  8. I love this post!
    I always say that ignorance is not longer an excuse in this modern day and age. As young people, we need to change our attitude, as you said, because we’re the ones that will be the future leaders, teachers, scientists, etc.

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  9. Agreed, many kids these days are on their insta and taking selfies and sitting doing nothing. I care about the environment, and donate my money to charity boxes wherever I go most of the time. Really not sure how today’s kids are going to be leaders one day, but I believe that there’s hope buried beneath it all.

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  10. I could not agree more! A lot of teens nowadays are #YOLO and live in the moment people. Our generation truly has the future in our hands. It’s kind of depressing to look to the future, but we must have hope! I love your post Gracie! ❤️☺️

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  11. Completely agree with you and love that you shared your thoughts on this! I think as a generation though, it will be hard for us to focus on things that are bigger than ourselves… haha not to be a traitor to my generation because I 100% support activism, environmentalism and people generally standing up and making a change


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