Crazy Sleepover Post @ Midnight

Warning:  This is a bit different to some of my usual, more serious posts! This is a crazy midnight sleepover post coming to you from myself and my two friends Emily and Paige! At the moment, Paige is doing sit-ups whilst screaming about some Australian actor who lives in America (Bob Morley).  Emily is holding Paige’s feet and wondering how she came to be friends with such weirdos.

We are sitting in front of the fire in a yurt whilst scoffing ice-cream and popcorn dipped in onion gravy.


Soooo yeah! You guys probably did NOT want to see this, but here goes anyway!

Our version of Vogue, yeah, don’t ask….


Okay so congrats if you made it through this! Goodnight!



61 thoughts on “Crazy Sleepover Post @ Midnight

  1. Wow Gracie what fun .I would have loved to have done what you and your friends did when I was your age.What a great combination of ice cream popcorn and onion gravy.Bet you’re tired tonight. But worth every minute. Great.xxxxx

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