I Belong To The Beat

The atmosphere in the space was totally electric, fourteen young people all with a passion for words and rhythm, all gathered in one room, notepads and phones out, the whispers and mutterings of lyrics and lines bouncing off of the walls. 

I sat in the centre of it all, scribbling ideas and thoughts on my sheet of paper. The beat of the music pumped through my body and all around the room fourteen people moved to that same beat, limbs swinging, hands flicking, feet stamping, lips mouthing. 

I felt totally safe and at home in this environment, as though I belonged here, with these people, with these words, with this beat. 

Hiya! This is a snippet of my day last Monday when I spent five hours up in London, in a room with three amazing people who aside from being incredible poets, rappers and musicians, ran a 100% awesome workshop (looking at youuu, Adam Kammerling ,Shay D and Kim), a bunch of super talented young people and a load of speakers and paper and pens and plenty of good vibes 😉 This lot basically equals my idea of fun.

One of the things we were tasked with doing was writing a rap to music. I was a bit overwhelmed since I’d literally gone from being some teenage girl who loves writing poetry and watches videos of spoken word on YouTube to being in a room with two amazing artists who I was totally in awe of the whole time and a bunch of kids who had loads of experience and had music on soundcloud and recorded in studios and asdfghjklasdfghjkl!

Everyone was amazing, taught me exactly how to do it, all about beats and bars and whatnot (I actually had no idea how much of a challenge writing to a beat could be). In the end I produced a rap (!!!!!!!!) to an instrumental version one of the workshop leader’s (Shad D, if you look her up, there’s loads of info and music) songs. Below is the track and then my lyrics. Imagine those words to the same beat of the song, if that makes sense??

Just to say, the song does have a little profanity, nothing extreme.

Money is thin when the light shines through,
When there’s a fire to feed, it’s literally fuel,
Just like human greed, fire devours money too,

Flames lick at notes, how merciless are you?

All in all, this was one of the best days of my entire life – I learnt so much,  laughed so much, got to hang out with loads of like-minded people with the same passions, got to write A LOT, perform in front of people, chat to very well-known artists, let them read my work and give me feedback, it was brilliant. Everyone was a lot older than me and from a completely different culture (inner city London!) However, everyone was super nice and talented and I talked to everybody.*

 *this is an extract from an email I wrote to a friend, telling her all about my day. Apologies for the gushiness. lol
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post! Please do let me know what you think!



26 thoughts on “I Belong To The Beat

  1. Even though you told me all about your day out Monday I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account of all the happenings and about the people you met.Sounds as if you are going to remember the experience for a very long time. Well done xxxxx

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