I Wonder…

For a lot of people this is absolute, pure truth. I think everyone’s aim in life should be to achieve this level of contentment and help others to do the same.

I wonder what it’s like to go to sleep happy and content; without being teary-eyed; having my stomach in knots and my heart ripped out; without my pillow drenched in tears; without my thoughts tangled in a mess. I wonder what it’s like to wake up feeling hopeful, looking forward to the day ahead, eager […]

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25 thoughts on “I Wonder…

  1. Deep, very deep. But I like it. My nights are mostly as explained, but more without the tears and more with my head getting the better of me and drowning my body out. And with a lot more anger. My pillow ends up pummeled and out of shape. Yes, and to fall asleep before 12:30 AM would be good, to wake up feeling alive and awake.
    And, one last thing, to smile and know it’s not all fake. Not all for show, not all because I need to win people over and keep an emotional cover up would be amazing.
    ~Emily xo

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  2. I am sure we all have nights like that. I always think when you go to bed and lay there thinking about anything bothering you if is always much worse when you lay there in bed churning things over..Always the next morning it’s much better..We think we are the only one but from other comments made it shows we are not.An interesting subject. Xxxxx

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  3. Oh, Gracie.
    No need to be so morbid, life will tangle in front of you all the time but there’s no need to tangle with it.
    insouciance is the way to go, perhaps but then how would I know.
    Keep calm and be cheerful! (I promice I won’t say that again).

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