Nothing More Than A Ghost – A Poem

His breaths laboured and laced with pain.
Her breaths as soft as summer rain.

His body slumped, holding in all the grief,
Her body floating, her touch cool and brief.

His eyes wide and unseeing, tears overspilling,
Her eyes deep and longing, her gentle gaze chilling.

His arms wrapped around his torso, holding everything in,
Her arms limp and lifeless, for onto life does she no longer cling.

His fingers curled around a photograph of her,
Her fingers lightly brushing away all the things that were.

His voice calling out her sweet name.
Her voice echoing his stricken pain.

His thoughts searching through memories of them both,
Her being nothing more than a ghost.

  Nearly myself cry writing this! Hope you guys are all okay. Xxx

53 thoughts on “Nothing More Than A Ghost – A Poem

  1. Aah…that definitely struck home. You have such a beautiful way with words! xx
    Also, I have been pretty preoccupied as I said before, and I I’ll be able to turn some writing for your competition in today! Sorry I’m so late, Gracie.

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  2. No…I’m not finished! It’s very beautiful too and us written like it’s from the heart. I love this style of writing. And I hate it. It’s sort of the same way I write. But that’s just because of the headspace I’m in at the moment.

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  3. Such desire, love and anguish all in a few words. A very moving piece. It’s interesting how poetry tends to lend itself to such expression, much more than a story often. Keep up the good work xxx

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