Wish Me Luck – Spoken Word Poetry Performance Update

Hello there!

In my recent post I talked about an urban music and spoken word poetry performance I am going to be a part of very soon. Well, I’m here with an update on that!

  • The performance is on Thursday and I am SO excited.
  • I went to London for the rehearsals last week and it was AMAZINGGGGG!
  • I have two solos.
  • I am performing two very poignant, topical spoken word pieces written by yours truly.
  • At the rehearsal I spent a hardcore one and a half hours with a spoken word poet learning everything you need to know about performing.
  • I spent another hour running through the whole thing with the rest of the group who are sharing all different genres of music, but all with an urban twist – rap, acapella, reggae, etc.
  • I am basically the complete polar opposite of the word urban #countrygirrrrl so I went to the rehearsals in my wellies. Picture below!

Stay tuned for photos of the actual performance coming soon! Oh, and wish me luck, my friends! *dances* *practices like crazyyyyy* 


47 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck – Spoken Word Poetry Performance Update

  1. Good luck!! I’ve always wanted to do spoken word at open mic nights. Poetry in general but it’s just a matter of building up the courage and confidence to do so. Those rehearsals sound so helpful!

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  2. I can’t express to you – and anyone reading this comment – how amazing you were yesterday. You spoke like you breathed the words – not like you were just expressing them. It was like you felt the words in every part of you. I’m so proud of you, Gracie, and it was an honour to be there and hear you perform. Don’t forget that you’re talented and you’re going to go far because you have drive and determination to do so. Well done ❤

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  3. I hope it went well, I bet it was amazing! I have only performed once and it was so nerve racking but also so invigorating!


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